Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The School Year is Off and Running!

The 2013-2014 school year is upon me! I started the year on August 8th in meetings and then my 22 First Graders came on the 15th! They are eager, energetic, and adorable. They are quite affectionate and so sweet! I get so many hugs throughout the day! Last year was my first year in 1st grade after 20 years in 3rd! What a smart move! I'm not quick on change and don't know WHY I didn't move sooner! Ha!

I did a Beach/Hawaiian theme to start the year. They kids are loving it. We wear leis, sunglasses a lot in my room! Friday is our celebration end of it and we are having a Luau party and will break out our grass skirts! It's time to think Fall/Apples/Johnny Appleseed next!

Here's a taste of what my days consists of :

Back to School Day! 
We got new tables this year.  My team got to pick and we choose flower tables in red, blue, yellow, and green! I spent the summer stocking up on supplies in those colors to use. My hubby helped me cement the tiki torches (unlit) into little pails. 

 Love my teacher table!

Big kudos to a great Blog I found.....www.surfinthroughsecond.com....Corina in Hawaii lives the life every day! I love her site! I'm so envious! So cute and got lots of great ideas from her! Thanks Corina! You are so talented!

Be back soon to share my new baby news! (NO not MY baby news...my GRANDBABY news! Goodness gracious!)
I'm soooooo behind on everything!

And so you know!!!!!!!
A great giveaway from Marie at www.cotesclass.com ! Whoa! Go check it out! :0)