Monday, May 20, 2013

Growing Like a Weed!

Look who is 8 weeks old today! 

Tripp Rodney! 

I can't take it! He is going to be going to PROM before long! He is so darling and sweet! He lives a couple of hours a way and YaYa has a REAL REAL hard time with that! I miss that little guy sooooo much! 
He is coming this weekend for the Memorial Day weekend and I'm busy doing housework/laundry/cleaning.......'cuz this lady ain't doing much else when he gets here but smooching and hugging and cuddling! HA! 

Miss Lily-Jo may give me a run for my money as she is C R A Z Y about him!

Loving keeping up with all of you! I just can't seem to get any personal blogging done! You all are way to much fun and exciting to read about! 

You little babies do your YaYa's heart good!