Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding Day....Plan B!!!

Post 3...
Here are some pics of the day of the wedding before the ceremony! This day was not what we had planned for 18 months and this day contained hours of stressful, chaotic, nervewracking, "where's the Tylenol" feelings. HOWEVER, this day proved to Rodney and I that no matter what goes wrong, the Lord provides and is good and is always in control..... and that we are truly, truly blessed with the BEST family and friends. (These pics are not in any order...I can't seem to get this figured out how to manipulate these crazy pics around!! Any help will be appreciated!)

We woke that morning with a beautiful day and we headed out to set tables with linens, china, stemware, vases, candles, etc.  As we were ticking right along, we heard the slight sound of a rolling rumble of thunder off in the distance!!!! Hummmmm....that's odd! YIKES!  Carry on troops!! By late morning, those rumbles had turned to a heavy downpour of  rain...Okay it was a washout where everyone stood and watched the linens and china get a good cleaning. Panic set in and we ran to the TVs, computers for a forecast.  Supposed to move out by 2:00 p.m. This would have been fine had it been sprinkles but this was a rain like you can't imagine so even with friends bringing tarps that cover baseball fields to cover the entire wedding site, it could not prevent a swamp and the ground from being totally saturated. The Bride was 7 miles away getting her hair and makeup done and I worried about how she must be feeling.  I know how bad I felt for all she had planned for. I cried and anguished. I wanted to crawl in bed until it was over. And then she came in through the downpour and told her Daddy that she could not put her guests through wading through the swamp and let's go to Plan B.  Dad said we could hold out and see what happens but that girl is one trooper and wanted to get on with the show.  I'm so proud of her and how well she handled it all.  I will forever remember her positive attitude and her beautiful smile.  And so, Father of the Bride gave the signal, and over 30 of the hardest working, kind hearted, people we know jumped in and went to battle to move EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) to the Elementary School I teach at next door. Auntie T and Uncle R took linens to be laundered, china was packed up, tables hauled in a horse trailer, lights down and put back up, 300 chairs folded up and reassembled in a new setting, place setting decor finished.  This began at appoximately 1:30 p.m and by 4:30 p.m., an Elementary cafeteria became the most beautiful wedding site and a gymnasium became a reception area that was stunning and so garden like. I know that there was not a Fairy Godmother that turned mice and pumpkins into things of beauty with the touch of a wand, but there were many, many hardworking angels that I witnessed that day. I have never seen people pitch in and work harder and give of their time and hearts.  Everytime I looked up there was a new face helping and I began to bawl again.  We were touched more than words will ever say.  At 4:00 I got a call that said "Mom, you need to come home and help Lace get ready!" I walked in and saw the most beautiful beaming bride ready to put her dress on! And again I cried.  I, on the other hand, stood there still drenched from the rain with clothes on that I had been wearing for 2 days.  No lie!! And so that is how I got my picture taken by the photographer. Not what I planned!! Then about 10 people on the last crew rushed in to take showers and get ready for pics.  At one point, my husband, son, sister in law and I were all in my bathroom getting ready and my future niece in law appeared ready to shower in that bathroom....ummmmmm maybe not!!! By 4:30, the sun was out and it was time to take some pics somewhere! The house was full of beautiful, smiling people and my daughter's beau breaks the news to me that "the air conditioner has quit!!!!!!!!!" ARGGGGGHHHH! We make a mad dash to an air conditioned school and pics begin. If you can stand reading any more of this craziness, I'll post some wedding/reception pics later!! Someone out there please tell me that you have had an experience similar?????

A calm Bridal Luncheon was planned....turned into "Anybody need a bite to eat?"

She is so pretty and happy!               

Momma and her girls!

Momma in clothes that she had been in for 2 days and were rain drenched!

This is my girl who just walked in and made the call to go with Plan B.....not upset just wanted a snack!!

Cody who helped with every job possible..
helping one of the ring bearers, Stratton with his tie.

I had a mini breakdown watching the forecast!!

Haley and Momma
We're smiling but I think the news came that the ac broke right about now!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rehearsal Day!!!

Post 2...Rehearsal!!!!!!!!

Momma, Nephew Groomsman Mike, Auntie J, Bride

300 chairs placed !!

Father of the Bride taking a moment!! He has to give his little girl away tomorrow....

Tents, lights, tables...

Friday went well....Rehearsal time was ticking right along ...Flowers were made, everything on schedule, organized chaos was going well! Rehearsal went well, Auntie J got everyone through a few practices and everyone knew there places!! Rehearsal dinner was awesome hosted by Mother and Father of the Groom!! Delicious!!! And then all headed back to wedding site to finish setting up!! What a great crew of workers! I think we finished close to midnight!!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge him,

And he will make your paths straight.”

(Proverbs 3:5-6)

A Wedding in the Making

Post 1 of a Wedding...
Well, hello dear friends....It's been a while and my baby girl is married. This will be a crazy unorganized chaotic post so bear with my space bar is hanging on by a thread. Good grief!!   Well the space bar issue does not hold a candle to the events of the wedding day on Saturday, June 12th. If EVER you consider an outdoor wedding, have a Plan B!! Plan A is great, wonderful, exciting....Plan B is necessity and for survival!! I now speak from experience!!
Thursday- June 10 - Flowers were delivered Fed Ex...gorgeous, perfect and exactly what we wanted!
Friday - Hot hot hot...but everyone is hanging in there...rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, tents, tables, chairs, linens, tableware delivered and everyone pitched in!
And then oh my the Wedding Day came...I'll come back to that later!!

The first picture is Roxie, the bride's cat. Had I, the Mother of the Bride, had this calmness, I think I would of been better off!! This is where she chose to spend the next 3 days as chaos went on around her.

Finishing up programs !!

Flower Crew!
The Bride and cousin Soni designing the bridal bouquet..

Auntie J....Wedding Coordinator!!

Oh by the way son...Happy Birthday!!! We love you! Poor guy...missed the rehearsal dinner, waiting on the delivery truck and then had to be Commando in Charge of lights!!
Everyone consulted the Wedding Wall!!
The calm before the post...Rehearsal....little did we know what lie ahead!!

"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" Philippians 4:13

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Countdown is On!

I have missed the blog world...I have not forgot you faithful companions I have met. Life is just a little hectic here! We have begun the countdown in our house....I had to put up a calendar and numbers to keep myself focused and organized for the upcoming nuptials. If I don't write it leaves my memory and I walk around in a daze retracing my steps trying desperately to remember what I was thinking! The calendar is helping!! I'm not proud of this, but it's a fact of my life.
The troops have been working nonstop-round the clock-daily to get this place in order for a Backyard Chic wedding! My bride to be is the Boss (no I did not say Bridezilla!!!), my husband is Commander in Chief and Officer Yardwaterer, and I am First General. Everyone else is ranked with a little lower status they will tell you I'm sure.

We began the week early morning and have worked every evening late. We have drank a lot of sun tea, lemonade and water! I have seen enough mulch to last a while. I have taken more showers this week than in one month. We have dug in dirt, drug hoses all over the yard, painted whatever might need paint or might not need paint, (didn't the dog used to be a different color? oh well!!), trimmed trees, and planted whatever might possibly grow in a pot or the ground.

This is the result of Momma being out of shape.

The Boss and First General taking a break and too tired to find a chair!

Thursday....Ha's beau came to help...He is now First General! I gladly demoted myself to being a "gopher". What a great willing hard worker he is!! He will do anything you ask him to do BUT it can not involve spiders! :)

We took a break at 8:00 p.m. tonight and Dad, Mom, Cody and Ha went and did a little fishing....Congrats Miss Haley.!

My house is a wreck! I'm not going to try to deny it! There are lists and piles everywhere!! The basement has a corner called the Wedding Corner. It's out of control right now. I really hope all mothers that help with a wedding feel this way!! NORMALCY will return, right?

We have the most wonderful family and friends helping. Auntie J is wedding Coordinator and painted the beautiful roses for the invitation, Auntie M and Auntie L are reception decorators, great friends are mowing for us, in laws are wonderful, and the list goes on and on. We are thankful and grateful beyond words. I'm not stressing the details...the "show" will go on don't they say!! I had one minor breakdown at 3:48 a.m. one morning...didn't help that hubby was exhausted and snoring uncontrollably ... but I've overcome it ! We will celebrate and have fun. God is what needs to be the focus and he will take care of it all!!
I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me!!
I'll talk to you again soon!
I'm going to go fall in bed!