Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

My husband is a track coach and tonight was our home meet to host. I worked for him at the meet ~ I love to go and I'm thankful to help. But man oh man, do my feet and legs hurt tonight. Could be worse... what if I would of had to run, jump, or throw something!!! It can always be worse!!!

But what I'm thankful for this Thursday is that my daughter (graduating Bride to Be) got a job offer!! And she accepted. She has applied and interviewed for many many Elementary Education positions. With huge cutbacks/budget cuts going on right now.... it wasn't looking too good. But God is so loving...and always knows what we need. The job she accepted was an ESL (English as a Second Language) Coordinator. It's a new position so she is pretty excited and definitely grateful for it. Very grateful indeed!!


We give all thanks to God for this and are so appreciative. Blake and Lace will both graduate and have jobs. In these tough, financial times we know that :

Every good gift and every perfect gift cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

James 1:17

I hope you had a wonderful Thursday.
Take a minute to count your blessings.
I bet it will take more than a minute!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tale of a Peony Bush and a Tornado

This is an example of how my life is not a is a fact....well...the story of our typical lives here on the homefront. This is how it goes for us most often. Here goes...(I'm documenting this for my grandkiddos someday....a video would have been better!)

Chapter 1:
Last Mother's Day 2009, my engaged daughter thought it would be nice to get Momma a $30 Peony plant and maybe, just maybe, it would have some lovely blooms to cut by June 2010 for her wedding. So we found an ideal place along the privacy fence nice and out of the way. We planted it and vowed to keep it watered and nurtured.

This was our inspiration and hope of what we would get!

Chapter 2:

Spring of 2010....Engaged daughter wanted the dog pen/dog shed moved from one spot to another to accomodate the wedding ceremony site. Sooooooooooo...Daddy, Z, Bride to Be, and Momma became the crew to move the shed. We don't do things normally and HIRE it done....oh no....we are do it yourself-ers So using a trailer and chains and logs and rocks and crow bars and a truck....away we go. At one point, the shed is "HANGING" off the trailer, Momma and L are locked in the shed for "weight distribution" (yea, thanks a lot for that one...we're not going to live that one down) and the trucks tires are spinning. By now the sun has set, it is raining, AND the only light is our headlights.

Chapter 3:

The shed lands in a spot along the privacy fence, the men call it good, and we quit for the night.

Chapter 4:
The Bride to Be and I decide a week later to find the peony bush to see if it survived the hard winter. Enter the scene from Wizard of OZ that goes from black and white to color ( I do live in Kansas). Dorothy and her house (the shed) have landed and it has landed right on the peony bush which was emerging nicely from that hard winter!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

You don't see me with my broom...but you can imagine!!

Chapter 5:

This is my re enactment of Dorothy's house landing on the Wicked Witch of the East... the socks represent the now flattened peony bush.

Curled up, shriveled up, dead as the witch.

Chapter 6:
I was determined to save my $30 Mother's Day Gift. I grabbed that shovel and off I went. I dug and pulled and ended up with a broken, mutilated "thing" with parts ripped off, a few roots and no blooms left on it. I stuck it in a pot with good dirt, put it in the sun, watered it, apologized to it and prayed for it. Believe it or not, it has new blooms coming!!

IF (and I mean IF) this thing EVER becomes more than what you see, I will do a "happy dance". I will post the lovely blooms for all to see.

I think there might be a lesson in this...I'm not sure what it is yet. I say to my husband quite often, "Are we the only people who do things like this?" He always tries to calm me with something like, "No, everyone does it like this." (The jury is still out on that one!)

"There's no place like home!!"

Prayer Request:

Please put my nephew in your prayers....
Drake is just 10 years old and had an appendectomy on Monday after a long month of healing from the infection that was found. He has already spent a week in the hospital to drain all the infection and then just went in to have it removed. He is at home now recuperating. He is quite a little trooper and such a creative little guy. He can make anything you want as long as he can hook a motor on it! Get well soon buddy...Auntie T loves you!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


It was a fun and hopping girly girl weekend. (The guys , Dad, Z, and beau C hung in there pretty good for it all!)

Saturday night was prom so it was fun watching all the girls primp and giggle and ooh and aah....Oh to be young!!

(Way too exhausting for this Momma!)

A great looking group of kids!!

Darb and cousin Delaney

Darb and her date for the night

Good friends!

Bride to Be .....

L got such fun cute things!!

H and BFF Kort .... hostesses!!

Pretty girls ready for some Italian!!

L and her bridesmaid cousin Soni..

Friday night was Bride to Be L's Bachelorette Party. Sis H planned it and did a great job!! The girls met at a restaurant on the Plaza and then headed to the motel for a "showering" of fun, food, and girly gifts.

Today was the Lord's Day and it was a good day....everyone together at church praising God and remembering Jesus Christ's triumph of the cross. One of the verses we were reminded of today that I will be meditating on this week was:

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish, foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

I Corinthians 1:18

Go visit Linda here for a Book Giveaway.....Click here to check it out!
And last but not least.....HELP!!!! How in the world do you move pictures around on a blog site at a faster/easier/ simplier way than I'm getting it done????? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
Have a great Monday!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Don't you love surprises???

Last night, RJ and I were sitting in the family room after a long day. He was watching a western (that is a standard at our house), I was fighting with my computer which had a charging problem (that's been a standard lately). We heard the front door open and expected to hear the familar holler of Z coming home from a long day as well. noise....

When what to my wondering eyes did appear......

home from college for the weekend. Early!!
She is a maid of honor for her sister in June and has been planning the Bachelorette party this weekend. So when Thursday classes were cancelled and none on Friday....she came home to finish details. What a sweetheart!

So today, I'm so thankful my baby is home for a few days. I'm so grateful God delivered her safely home. She worked all day today helping with dishes/laundry/cleaning/making a cake. Daddy gave all his babies special names when they were born....hers was "Tenderheart". How true.....She used to be a daddy's girl (still is I guess) but I think she's pretty good to her momma.

And tomorrow the bride to be comes home for Bachelorette Party.

Saturday is Baby D's prom so will have to post that one too....

and of my favorite verses... thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...

Ephesians 5:2o

I hope you had a Thankful Thursday...I'm sure you did!! :0)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Blessing of a Friend

Yesterday my husband and I both took off work to do "yard work" and "project day". We seeded more grass, fertilized grass, looked at grass, mowed grass!! He loves grass! I think it's partly because his daughter is getting married on his grass in June ! We also cleaned out flower beds, and I got caught up on laundry and dishes! (Update...Mr. Repair man came and checked out my dryer...blown fuse...$86.16...could have been worse so there is a blessing!) I hate to think how many loads I've done since he walked out the front door.

Since I was off work yesterday, I got up early today to get to work by 7:00 a.m. to see what damage had been done in a room with 19 8/9 year olds. I had an 8:00 meeting and then had observers in my room at 9:00 to check out Reading class. I think it was 1:00 when I made it to the little girls room for my first bathroom break. Not healthy! I think it was 3:00 when I had uncovered my desk and had quiet time. Got home around 4:30 and did the supper/laundry/dishes thing. As usual R was out watering and looking at grass and at 7:15 I said for him to take a break and let it grow and we could walk to the mailbox! When I got there, R said I had a package and low and behold....The Blessing of a Friend!! I was so surprised and excited.
Miss just made my heart melt. :0)
(She has THE most uplifting, lovely, adorable, encouraging Blog!!...check her will love it....her love of God and Jesus and her faith are so inspiring...she quotes the most beautiful verses from the Bible that are just the right medicine) I love her music!! I put it on LOUDLY when I clean and work around the house! She sent me the most beautiful necklace that she made. It is soooooo me!! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow! I love it! And she sent me a book she had on her review that I was hoping to read this summer! I will probably start sooner than that now!! Thank you Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart...You are so sweet. And your words about surviving and enjoying a wedding were so thoughtful and I will take your advice.
A treasure at the end of a long day!

I'm really glad my girls initials are L ~ H ~ D......or I could be in trouble! It's amazing how many of my things turn up missing and yet I'm often reminded of how "outdated" and "unfashionable" I can be. (Right girls???????)

I have met such wonderful new friends on my blog and you are a comfort at the end of many of my days. Most of you are Christian women that believe in prayer. I would like to ask for a prayer for my daughter L who is getting married and job hunting for an elementary position. With all the budget cuts going on, it is a blessing right now to "keep" your job, let alone get a job. But if you have a moment, will you put her job search in your prayers. God always always answers and he knows what is the best for her situation and will provide what is needed. What a comforting thing it is to turn it over to him. Thank you so much.

...that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you. John 16:23

Have a wonderful nights rest....and a terrific Thursday!!

Here's my latest saying : (Haley Beth and I have been saying this one a lot!)

Speak kind words and you will hear kind echoes!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It Never Fails....

Doesn't it seem like sometimes you just get the household up and running, everyone is ticking right along, the routine is good, you take a sigh and relax and then


Your old friend quits on you ...

She's old and has her nicks and not fancy, but she just quit on me without warning!!!

So while waiting on Mr. Repair to come, I've had to utilize my other old buddy....the laundry line. I actually bought it last year because I WANTED to...I love the smell of clothes hung out. My family is not too crazy about crispy undergarments but I think the smell is worth the crispness! I really don't mind hanging out laundry...I remember my Grandma Vivien doing this on the farm and I thought it was the most fun thing to help with. It's a great memory I have.

So until my friend comes back to life...I'll deal with it. my Baby D and her BFF K-Bug decided to have a picnic after Golf practice. (Their idea of a picnic was to raid both their refrigs and take it out to the deck. It was so cute!) So out to the deck they went to enjoy the sunshine and have a "picnic". They were greeted by a load of whites freshly hung on the deck. I didn't think much about it until I looked out there and they were dining amongst the Fruit of the Looms and the Hanes. I cracked up and had to take their picture.

It didn't seem to faze them...they continued with their Prom plans for this weekend. I hear dinner is at our house for about 12 of them. I really really hope Mr. Repair gets here before the whole tuxedo/fancy dresses crew doesn't have to witness the family laundry hung around the house/deck/porch.

Oh well, it could have been worse I sis in law's dishwasher broke and waiting on the arrival of the new one. I feel for you L!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

A calm day...a "normal" day...a day without issues...a day where there was no sadness or tears....That's what I'm thankful for today. So many days "we" (all of us) experience very hard, trying, difficult, heart breaking, hurtful, sad days. You wake in the morning and never know what it will hold. And when you lay your head down at night, one of the blessings of the day is to have all your loved ones still with you..healthy and safe. I've read a few posts lately about deaths/serious injuries/health issues of both young and old. It's painful and it's sad and it's hard. I don't know these people but I have been trying very hard to pray for them and their families. God answers prayers. I'm always so grateful and so touched when someone tells me they pray for me or someone in my family. Today, I feel so blessed. Although I don't know what tomorrow holds if the sun comes up, I do know that if I wake and praise God, serve him, and do his will, it will be a great day.
1 Chronicles 29:13 Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Have a Little Talk with Jesus

My husband says I talk alot. I beg to differ.

I love love love to mow grass. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, but mostly I love to have therapy time with Jesus. He listens and I talk. I pray and he always answers in his time. The sessions are free and very rewarding. I ask for a lot of help and ask him not to give up on me. I tell him often that I'm turning this one over to you . I can't seem to learn that I never solve things alone...but I'm getting better at remembering that. When I let HIM be in control, it always gets worked out and for the better.
I had a great session tonight. I do worry sometimes that people driving or walking by might see what appears to be me "talking" to myself. I tend to have many emotions on my face and maybe some body language that could be perplexing to them.

I really hope the John Deere doesn't quit on me....I need those quiet and helpful times....

but even if it does....

Jesus won't.

Matthew 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cute Clock Giveaway

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One Cat's Torture is Another Dog's Joy

Here's my daily conversation with a dog and a cat:

"Harley, leave her alone!"
"Roxie, be nice!"

"Harley, she doesn't want to play!"

"Roxie, be nice!"

"Harley, stop looking at her!"

This is how Roxie spends 23 1/2 out of 24 hours a day...hoping a stupid dog doesn't come around.

This is how Harley spends 23 1/2 out of 24 hours a day...on point hoping that a cat might want to play.

I can't take it !! These two have a love/hate relationship. Harley LOVES.....Roxie HATES. One yips. One slaps a paw. Then it's a stare down. It's every day!!! It's like a brother and sister. I spend my evenings refereeing them. I guess I'll try "Time Outs". This is what I have to look forward to all Spring and Summer! UGHHHHHHH

The Gift of a Sweet Smell

Darbey was born in 1994 and when she was born...the sweetest Christian elderly couple (known in our family as Aunt Wilma and Uncle Evan) at our church (who fell in love with baby D) gave her a lilac bush. They dug it up themselves. I can only imagine how hard and labor intense this was for them outside with a shovel and tugging and pulling and lifting. They brought it to our house and surprised us soon after she was born. This is a picture of her after it took root a few months later and it began to flourish. She now refers to it as "my bush" and so do we.

Today when I got home from work, the smell was soooooo wonderful so Darb and I cut a few bouquets to put in the house.

I wish so often they were still here to see the lilac bush but more than that to see Baby D. She is as sweet smelling and beautiful as those lilacs and Aunt Wilma would probably still want to rock and hold her. They were such an inspirational and faithful couple to us that set a wonderful example.

And so....I smile thinking about Aunt Wilma and Uncle Evan alot every spring when those lilacs bloom. I miss them a great deal but I know they are enjoying the sweet smelling love of their Father and Savior.

John 14: 1-3

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God..believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself, that where I am, there ye may be also.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Harley has to be one of the most fun loving, happy go lucky puppies I've ever met! When Z brought this little girl home, I wanted to be mad at him, but I knew, he knew, everyone knew that Momma would love her. I have a weak spot with puppies....but puppies become dogs and then someday those dogs have to get sick and well...die....and then I don't do so good. Really bad actually when that happens....really sad...heart broken. We have a "animal cemetery" on our property and Papa and I keep saying that we can't take any more "animal funerals."
Well, Harley came anyway, and we bonded. I'm her #1 fan and she loves me dearly. Dogs are like that...they love you unconditionally...they are always happy to see you....they don't hold grudges even if you neglect them a day...they are grateful for any attention....they listen and don't talk back. Why can't people be like that? Hummmmmm.... Nothing makes Harley happier than when I get home from work and let her out of her pen to run like a crazy dog around and around in huge circles. And this dog is so obedient and minds so good. Z has trained her well...she's a bird dog so she was trained young. I'm very thankful for her .... She and I have a lot of good talks. She lets me vent when I need to and can really make me have a "feel good" day.

How can you not love this little face?
She looked at me with these eyes when she came to see if she could live here and I couldn't turn her away.

These are now the eyes that look at me everyday when I say, "Sit" "Stay" "Fetch" or "What should I fix for supper?" "Your breath is horrendous."

Unconditional pure love....that's what she gives me!!!

I love you Harley and thanks !!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Coral Colored Wedding

Sissy Jo is busy busy busy planning her wedding and time is getting close. I guess I better make a countdown!! Their colors are coral and pinks and since it is going to be in the back's a garden theme wedding which means lots of flowers. Check out her blog here and you can get all the details. I was at Wally World and I love to buy "CLEARANCE" flowers just to have them around the house to brighten it up. Today I saw these CORAL colored roses for $5 ... can you believe that?? I think Miss L is going to have a lovely colored wedding. Did I mention we have ordered the flowers on line and WE (that's daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmas ~ HINT HINT ~ I know you are out there!) are going to make the bouquets, corsages, etc... Plus Auntie J's hometown awesome flower market is getting their tents up for all their spring/summer flower needs. This is one great place to visit!!! May have to rent a trailer to get some "bargain" beauties!!!

So here's to you Sissy Jo!!!

I'm all about a bargain...I tell whoever will listen about my bargains. (I think I may have passed that "bargain thrill" on to my daughters...oops! ) Over Easter I got my bargain clock for my fireplace and my bargain curtains at JC Penneys. (Thanks HayBee for listening to Momma rave and rave about them!)

It's rainy, dreary, and cold here today. I had a feeling of fall today and I am not ready for that for about 7 or 8 months!. We threw down some more grass seed last night hoping for the rain, and God blessed us last night. I love rain....I love the pitter patter on my skylight. I don't like hail, I don't like loud thunder or lightning, but I love a soft rain. The sun will be back soon! God knows our needs and provides.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OOO LA LA.....OOO PEE U !!!!!!!!!

I have just loved looking at blogs with all the flowers and blooms and new life of Spring. Spring has sprung I do believe. Easter was just a beautiful day this year with all the rebirth.

I live approximately 80 steps from my place of employment. I teach all day and love when 4:00 p.m. hits and I get to step out into the sunshine and fresh air. Today as I left, I flung open the door to head home and was greeted with the most putrid odor....yucky poo....As I walked home, I couldn't imagine what that smell was and then it hit me...the light bulb went on.

How can these beautiful white blooms produce such an odor....???????

So delicate and dainty...

Aren't they pretty?

Then I went around the corner of the house, and found this little booger!!!! Can you believe these things are showing their face already?????? The nerve of it.

I'm just not ready for this .... I thought these were summer surprises.. they're trying to steal the show !! I just love my's a sea of green grass and they are messing with my view!!

I guess it's time to get out the "Weed B Gone".

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Little L and Happy Easter to All

I hope your Easter was very special and that Jesus was the guest of honor on this Lord's Day.

What a great, fun, busy, warm, grateful weekend it was!! My college girls (and a fiance and a beau) came home...I had all my babies home! :)
#1 the laundry room filled immediately
#2 the house got louder
#3 we stayed up too late
#4 we had a blast at a family Easter Egg Hunt
#5 we worshipped God, celebrated the Lord's Supper, remembered Christ's ressurection on Sunday
#6 we worked on wedding invitations
#7 we celebrated L's 22nd birthday (last one as a single woman!)
#8 had to send my girls (and a finance and a beau) back to college :( I can't seem to get used to them driving down the driveway and not crying....I actually hate it.
#9 counted my blessings
#10 decided I'm tired and that I'm not thrilled that tomorrow is MONDAY...ughhhhhh
#11 counted my blessings!!

My second born came on April 4, 1988 (4-4-88...she loves that!) at 3:38 a.m.....the cord was around her neck and so she was delivered EXTREMELY fast. She was beautiful and had the prettiest complexion...despite what she says, her 21 month old BIG brother LOVED her immediately...he had someone to boss around and fetch all his needed toys and tools for him. Her Daddy and Mommy fell in love with her and her Daddy was pretty excited to have a little girl to spoil. Little did Mommy know THEY would become BFF's and think, act and joke alike. She came on the morning of the night that KU won the Final Four championship....I lost both my doctor and husband to the game on TV and so I settled in to ooohhhhhing and aaaahhhhing at my newborn by myself. She was a joy to us 22 years ago and has continued that as well as continues to be a BF to me now. She has fallen in love and will "leave her childhood home" soon to start a new home and family. I hope she has a little girl someday so she will understand the joy that she has brought her Daddy and I. ( AND I hope she's a little strawberry blond cutie pie!)

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday sweet Sissy Jo, Happy Birthday to you... We had the pleasure of having fiance Gardener Guy's family come for dinner, laughs and games!!! Cutie nephew S-man, Daddy, Daddy in law, fiance curious as to whether she can blow out 22 candles...accomplished with the help of S-man!!!!!!!

Lots of eggs were filled and lots of eggs were found and lots of chocolate was ate :)

Chicks came to the Egg Hunt and peeped their little hearts out.... D just loved them!

H and her beau (Texas Man)....we think he's a good guy!!

Oh my babies... Chic Chick, Baby Lisa, HayBee, and Z ( Easter morning...I'm sure you can imagine the shouts of joy when I asked for a Kodak moment!)

I'm going to dig in my archives and find when these babies WERE babies !