Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Getaway...

Hopefully will sit down when a football game is on and embroidery a cute little something on this apron!!

I loved these napkin/bread covers someone had made!! The ric rac sold me!!

I've been watching for some candy/apothecary jars...these were only $2.95.  My Grandma used to have refrigerator dishes and I always loved them. I remember thinking how fancy they were for "LEFTOVERS!"  No Tupperware or Rubbermaid back then!!  And I've never had a lemon juicer so for $3.50 I'm excited!

So it was a great trip and a fun getaway!!  This week I'm motivated....I'm tackling some of those "projects" I've been putting off.  Lace has me inspired...she's working on painting a couple of old chairs and a side table to go in her new school office. Cute colors!!
I have my new cabinet sitting in my garage just waiting to be made over! The list never ends, huh?
Today was a beautiful day!!  I'm not ready to give up on Summer weather yet. But I'm very excited to get my Fall decorations out.  Sept. 1 signals fall to me!! Are you in the mood for Fall???

Have a great Tuesday! God Bless!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Flea Market Fun!!

I finished my first full week of school with kids.  Whew!  It actually went very well and I'm really enjoying these little people. I have to giggle often through the day at the things they say!! They are very affectionate and sweet and each one is soooooooo unique. One little guy is blind in one eye and was supposed to get his new glasses Friday so he was happy, but informed me that he is also "Death" in his ears.  Now that might be a little iffy.... I also had one little girl who had the most horrifying looking 3" in diameter "wound" on her side (waiting on report as to if it was a spider bite). First day of school and ends up in the hospital for surgery on it.  She is supposed to be back Monday!  I've been praying for her. There are so many kids that need so many prayers and love.

Today, I needed "HOME" therapy. So I lit my candles, turned on my music, had coffee on the porch with Lace and the dogs and got the machines (dishwasher/washer/vacum) a rollin'. Lace and I made a run to Walmart and the flea markets and I made some minor ?? purchases.  I've had my eye on this cabinet, so I "haggled".  Actually I just asked if they would take less! He came down $30.  I'll pick it up tomorrow and post before and after pics about it later! I want to do a distressed look on it.  Not a white white but a "country" white or maybe even on the verge of a linen color??  Any ideas?  I'm hoping to store DVDs and photo boxes in it. 
Then I noticed in a booth some china that was the same pattern that my Grandma Vivien had!!!!!!!!! I literally SHRIEKED out loud! Lace had to calm me and "shhhhh" me down. I grabbed it up quick and took it to the counter for the price of $15. I didn't care if it was $115 or more really, I was SO happy!!  I had been looking on Ebay, etc for it and have never found it. The pattern is Lido W.S. George White. They will always remind me of her!  My Momma inherited Grandma's set when she passed away so it is in a special place at my parent's house.  I remember vividly Grandma always letting me help her set the table for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She would tell me to go get the special dishes out of the cabinet and I got to set the table. No matter how I set the table, I never did it wrong or was corrected by Grandma. I carried those dishes very carefully and delicately and loved looking at them. Grandma spoiled me 'cause she was a redhead and I was the first grandbaby with red hair...I even got $100 for it clear back in 1959!! I want to dig through pictures now and find some where we used the china. It's hard for others to appreciate the "Specialness" of something from your past and your childhood, but I know you probably have something like that in your life.  I would LOVE to hear about it and the story of it. More than likely your story will bring me to tears! I hope someday one of my girls (or all 3 of them) will want these dishes so they can tell my story of Grandma Vivien.

I also bought some cute little juice glasses.  (5 for $2)

Decorating for Fall has hit me!! I love fall!! (DO NOT LIKE WINTER!!)  I got this pretty afghan, not really a huge bargain but love it on my couch!

On a sad note (Lace will think I'm crazy but I had to tell!), I think my hubby ran over my other pet (Todd the Turtle).  I have been babying this turtle since turtles appear in the spring. Darb and I painted a T on his back and we have always gotten him out of the driveway and to safety.  We would see him down at Lace's house and all over our 5 acres. Even the dogs played with him!  Just last night I moved him out of the driveway, and this morning he was in the dog pen with the puppies.  Then Darb left today and saw a very flattened turtle in the driveway.  She said she could not see a T on the shell but was sure it was Todd. We were both sad! Afraid Daddy was the only one who came up the drive! Yes, Mom's a little saddened. I had to go pick him up and dispose of him...not a pretty sight. Good grief I can't take it!!!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start....Hubby and I are thinking a hot dog on the grill tonight sounds good!! The sun is shining and God is good.!!  Our word for the week in our house was GENEROSITY....With all the generosity that God bestows every day, I have really had it on my mind and heart.

2 Corinthians 9:10-12
10Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness. 11You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.
12This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.

On one of my chalkboards in my kitchen I have also written:  "It's all about Attitude!!" That was for me!!!  :0)
Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!

Darb gets to pick the word for next week!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's School Time!!

My husband and I completed our week of teacher meetings and the students will begin on Monday.  I was dreading last week...mainly due to just getting back in the swing of it, getting up and out the door, and realizing that summer is over. WHY WHY WHY can't summer be half of the year and then 
s q u e e z e the other seasons in the other half!!! I really love the slow easy pace of summer. We stay up late and love it.  Oh well, here we go. I'm very excited about my new classroom of 3rd graders.  I have 15 on my roster!!! This is my 19th year and I've NEVER had a small class like this!! I cleaned and scrubbed and purged stuff in my room and feel pretty good. I have a new way of thinking (comes with age I believe!). It's called Simplify.  I used to be a "saver"...not a hoarder but a saver. But I bought Peter Walsh's DVD "It's All Too Much". Got me really going and trying to get organized. The "Stuff" can really get a person down and the material "want" can also be a bad influence. Oh, I love to shop and browse and look and buy....but I tend to be a "bargain" "clearance" shopper and I hate to admit it but I have influenced my girls that way too.  My sis in laws, daughters, and I love to hit the flea markets/good wills/salvation army/garage sales/etc to see what trash treasure we can find to transform into something beautiful and unique. They are alot better at it than me!! And I'm not above screeching the tires to pick up something along the road!! Now that about sends my girls through the roof when Mom does that!  I'm always thrilled when bloggers post something they have done with their hands and mind!! I've got my eye on a cabinet right now that I might rescue and redo. I mull things over quite a while before I take the plunge. 
And one last camera died. It was not an expensive one...just a cheapo digital but I liked it.  Last Sept. when we went on our anniversary/birthday trip to Turks and Caicos, my husband tipped the Hobie Sailboat over TWICE with us on it out in the middle of the ocean (that's another story in itself).My camera was in my hand and I tried to keep it above water. It did pretty good for a while but it has given up. So, do I save up my extra duty pay for a Kitchen Aid mixer OR a new camera???? Hummmmm??? I'm at the mercy of using my daughters' cameras so will attach some pictures soon!! 

Here's a nice picture of a calm ride! (Not us!)

This is moments before we capsized and I feared sharks but kept my camera above water!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!! I'll let you know how it goes!! I know my feet will hurt!
Pot roast, new potatoes,onions, and fresh green beans going in the crock pot bright and early!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prairie Flower Farm Giveaway

Stop by and visit Linda at her AWESOME blog!
She is aLoVeLy ChRiStIan PoSiTiVe UpLiFtInG Lady!! She is a inspiration to me everytime I visit her and I know you will feel the same. (Plus she and her girls can cook! You will love her recipes.)

It's Party Time!!

Hello everyone!!!!!!!
Are you ready to have a party? It has been a long time a waitin!!!!!!! I am so excited, because we have much to be thankful over at Prairie Flower Farm.

Low Country Boil Night

Our bro and sis in law (check her out here!) held their 3rd Annual Low Country Boil Night for Family last night.  I think there were about 26 of us. The past two years have been a blast and the food out of this world and couldn't imagine it being any better....BUT...last night they proved ME wrongo!!! My family has had this on our mental calendar all summer anxiously awaiting to hear the date announced!! It really is one of our favorite "treats" of summertime! They are fabulous hosts and hopefully the pictures will give you an idea of what great cooks they are too! I need not say more....the "pictures will do the talkin' ". 

It won't be long now!!
Maybe we should eat this way every night!
Newspapers and fingers!!
Lemon and butter...yum yum!!

Cuz Paul and Drakster
Ha wee and P King ready to dig in!!
Auntie L giving it the final touches!!
Butter...butter...and more butter please!!
Newlyweds Lana and Lace (no...not to each other!) Their significant others were chowing down!!
Darb and Naynie
P King and Reedy Bob

Getting ready for Prayer time....God is so good and blessings are abundant!

Roddy and G Pa
G Pa turned 86 in July!!
Bretley loved the corn on the cob!!

Cuz Shanna and Jenna Bear

*What I didn't get a picture of were the breads and desserts which hit the spot too!!
Fresh peaches, ice cream, brownies, cream puffs.....oh good grief!!!

I'm sooooo ready for 2011 ~

Friday, August 6, 2010


Found out about a Giveaway at A Merry Heart Journal. Stop by and check it out !! It looks like a good one!!

Here's a peek from Sharon:
Dear Readers,

CSN Stores has kindly offered to sponsor this giveaway. One of my blessed readers will win a $60 gift certificate good at any of their stores. They have 200+ online stores that sell just about anything you could want or need. They have everything from dining room furniture to the lovely dinnerware to place on it.

Happy's a Great Day!

With my favorite coffee mug and my typical toast with peanut butter, I enjoyed my morning on the porch and read a great devotional. It ended with this poem I wanted to share.  I find comfort in knowing that no matter where I am, what I have to do, who I am in company with.....God is right there beside me.  I can truly say, "Okay God, here we go....lead the way!"

Begin the day with God
Kneel down to Him in prayer;
Lift up thy heart to His abode.
And seek His love to share.

Open the book of God
And read a portion there;
That it may hallow all thy thoughts,
And sweeten all thy care.

Go through the day with God
Whate'er thy work may be;
Where'er thou art-at home, abroad,
He still is near to thee.

Converse in mind with God
Thy spirit heavenward raise;
Acknowledge every good bestowed,
And offer grateful praise.

Conclude the day with God
Thy sins to Him confess;
Trust in Lord's atoning blood,
And plead His righteousness.

Lie down at night with God
Who gives His servants sleep;
And when thou tread'st the vale of death,
He will thee guard and keep.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Harley has a new BFF (Best Friend Forever) !  She is crazy about her and Libby is crazy about Harley!  Z's friend bought the most adorable black Lab puppy and needed us to babysit her as he was going on a canoe trip.  We had her for 5 days and we had so much fun with her. And then she went home. :(
Her Daddy owner said she moped for two days and wouldn't play. Just laid on the bed with her head hanging low. So he brought her back for another playdate (we are on Day 4 of it!!!) and she is as happy to be here as we are to have her.  Grandma  (I lovingly refer to myself as) has fallen head over heels for these two canines. They are adorable together!  They romp, run, roll, chew on each other, play tug of war with a sock or a mop, and just maul each other for hours. Most of the time Harley dominates and is the boss, but I have a feeling that this puppy is going to grow to be quite big and strong so Harley may get repaid soon. Libby loves loves loves water and so when I water plants, I also water her.  She even has her own swimming pool (an old washtub). She will sit in it and just stare off. Harley on the other hand....HATES water!! Well, her favorite treat from Grandma is a bowl of ice cubes to chew but wants no part of a swimming pool or a bath using a garden hose. That's the difference between a Lab and a Britney I guess. Those two truly brighten our days!!
Unconditional Love is what it's called!!

*On a side note....the cats are pretty happy about has occupied Harley's time and so they have more quiet nap time.