Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who Invented Air Conditioners?

I'm not sure who gets the credit for AC units installed in homes....but they just might deserve an award of some kind for best invention.

Sunday as we were getting ready for church....I said to myself as I was sweating pretty much all over..."Self, it's getting warm in here and I don't think that AC is cooling like it should".  So I took my thought to my husband who always thinks I "exaggerate" a bit.  But as he checked it out...Momma was right. (Mommas are almost always's the "gut" that tells us things most of the time!) So we have officially been without AC since Sunday. The unit died after 18 years. A new one was installed on Wednesday night. AHHHHHHHHH!
I love Summer and the hotter the better! I (almost) never complain about the heat, humidity, and sun. I'm not a cold weather person.  That all being said.....I do truly appreciate getting to come into the AC to cool off and count it a blessing and do not take it for granted. I'm grateful! So today I'm REALLY REALLY appreciating having some AC turned back on. I'm outside 80-90 % of the time in the summer and love it. Hubby and I walk late at night when it cools down somewhat.
Eastern Kansas is having triple digit heat right now! OUCH!  But I'll take that over 0 degrees anytime!

Our VBS is finishing up tomorrow. It's pizza and water game day after the lesson. We had a great week with a Train/All Aboard theme.  Our verse for the week was Proverbs 22:6....Train up a child in the way he should go, and he will not depart from it when he is old. We had great attendance (82 was our high) and lots of great stories, crafts, snacks, games, and teaching going on. I helped in the Kindergarten/1st Grade and they were active and busy, but oh so cute! (Next year my new grandbaby should get to go!) 

No definite plans for the 4th of July yet. I do believe all the kids will be here so that will be fun. We have been enjoying sitting on the deck and listening to the fireworks already being shot off !  Our town is "legal" to buy and shoot them. We usually have around 5-7 fireworks stands. (Insert funny story! A few years ago at this time, my husband and I went for our walk and then our late motorcycle ride downtown. Little did we know we were basically going through a WAR ZONE! Firecrackers, poppers, bottle rockets, roman candles were being shot everywhere and every which way! It was all we could do to get home in one piece. Side streets were no better.  We decided from June 29-July 5 we will remain at home or be in the protection of a vehicle when going down town after dark!)

Hope you are planning a fun filled family weekend! Can't wait to hear what you all are doing!


Patty Sumner said...

Sorry to hear about your air conditioner. I am glad you have a new one. VBS...oh those days! I miss them and I don't miss them....lots of work but excellent way to teach kids about Jesus. Blessings to you and yours!

Dee said...

A gentle fan is all I need but then I live in Michigan:) Happy Fourth!

Life In a Little House said...

So glad you have ac we are not going to put anymore into our unit either it is the same age but since it looks like we will be moving in a few weeks and we will try and sell our house we are not going to bother to invest the money in it. That being said it is so hot in our house it really is quite unbearable!! How exciting to have your grandbaby on the way ...and how funny about your motorcycle ride I am hoping to go for a ride with my hubby tomorrow ~Have a Fantastic 4th of July Love Heather