Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The President of The United States Makes a Visit!

Osawatomie, KS is my hometown. It is also where my family and I live and work. It has a population of approximately 4,500. Today the President of the United States visited and gave a speech in our town at my High School Gymnasium. 

101 years ago Teddy Roosevelt gave his The New Nationalism speech in Osawatomie, KS. 

Now regardless of whether you are Independent, Democrat, or Republican, etc..... I FEEL you should honor the office of the President. He is the leader of this awesome country we live in. Doesn't mean you have to agree with policies or beliefs or even vote for him/her.
I personally am registered a Republican.

Today was an honor for our little town to have him visit. Our town has been buzzing for days since the White House confirmed the news he was coming. The Secret Service has been in town for days and securing the High School. Approximately 400 tickets were given out if you wanted to wait in the LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG line to get them! There were a total of over 1,000 in attendance and some were turned away at the door today. And we had a dusting of snow this morning and very frigid temperatures.
Here is a quick recap of the days events....(for my memory mainly!)

Monday - the White House and Secret Service transformed the High School with a Presidential look....they worked all day and into the night.

Tuesday 6:00 a.m - Media from all the KC stations descending and news reports began. Local, county, highway patrol law enforcements began securing streets and roads. Businesses downtown where the motorcade would pass were told to shut down for a short time. Parking lots and streets were emptied of all vehicles. Residents had received notices that they were not to use their streets/driveways. Anyone watching from the streets would have to be 75 feet back.
Areas of the High School were restricted and no entry to them. Students were informed to park at the Sports Complex and were bussed to school. Students were allowed in certain areas of the high school and were able to walk to watch the motorcade and then the speech was live streamed into their auditorium. My husband was one of the teachers in charge of students. Some students were given tickets to attend. My daughter, Darbey, was one.  She is in the Student Council and got to hear the speech. What an honor to see a President in person!

11:30 a.m. - President arrives in KC, MO at airport in Air Force One. Shuttles to our little Miami Co. Airport on Marine One helicopter. Arrives at Osawatomie High School in Presidential motorcade. Pulls into our "wood shop" large garage in his motorcade car. His chef and staff prepare his meal on white linens with china and glassware (Remember...he is in a wood shop area/classroom!!!)

At 1:05 is escorted to the gymansium to give over an hour speech! Leaves gymnasium to exit in motorcade back to small airport, helicopter to KC, then off to Washington DC in Air Force One.

My elementary school watched on TV from 11-2. Some of my class watched, some slept on the floor, some colored!!  

Here are a few pics my daughter snapped!

All in a day in the life of the President! 

For me....it's back to normal tomorrow!! Reading, Writing, and Arithmatic !!

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