Sunday, January 8, 2012

Up and Coming

It has hit me the last few days that we have some fun and major happenings coming up in 2012 and I feel overjoyed and blessed just getting to think about them. 

In February we get to become Grandparents for the first time. I'm getting so excited and can't wait. I don't know what to expect. I know the love and joy and bliss I felt every time each of my 4 babies were born. And I've never adopted, but I can imagine those very same feelings are shared. There is nothing like a Momma's love.
So I just wonder what a Grandma's love must feel like.  

Then in May, my baby, oh my little Baby Rhea turns 18!!!!!!!! (Big sad sigh!)  I just can't believe that one. We will be having her 18th birthday party/Graduation Party on May 12th to celebrate! It's bittersweet!

On May 13th, Darbey graduates from High School! (Even Bigger Sigh!)  Darb and I made a deal in August...we don't say the words....Senior....Graduation...College....Moving.....   I think they have HAD to slip out but I don't like it! HA!  I will be a mess that day. I was a mess on the other 3 kids Graduation Day.  It will be bittersweet!

On July 7, my little Haley Elizabeth will marry the love of her life, Cody. The wedding is in full plans and going to be lovely, perfect, beautiful I'm sure. I try not to think too hard about it.....I lose it when I do! Haley and I are wondering how she and her Dad will get through the Father/Daughter dance.  I'm so happy for her.....she's so happy! It's bittersweet! 

I'm so tickled to have such "happy" events coming up. I'm grateful and counting my blessings. God is so good. 

We are spending January (the yucky month for me!) getting Projects done so we can sit back and relax and enjoy! We will be carpeting the upstairs....carpeting is coming Monday.  We ordered new bedroom furniture to be delivered soon. Digging out the baby furniture/swing/etc for that new little girl.  I am updating my breakfast area with new chairs and new rugs. I'll show some pics later. I never know when I get something if it's "hip" or "in style" or "up to date". So I try to read a lot of magazines, look at clothes on mannequins, check out other styles in people's houses or store displays, and lately I'm scanning that awesome world called PINTEREST!  Love it!  

So I usually  end up going with what I feel "comfortable" with whether I'm wearing it or living in it!  Do any of you have insecurities with any of that as well?


Happy@Home said...

It sounds like you have a lot of fun and exciting events coming up this year. I'm so happy for you. Enjoy each and every moment and I can't wait to see that new grandbaby and hear your thoughts on becoming a grandparent. My guess is Love At First Sight. :)

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things happening this year! Enjoy them all and the new furniture!