Monday, April 16, 2012

Here and There!

This is a little behind....ahemmmmm (I'm talking to myself!!)
Hoping you had a fun and enjoyable Easter with family and/or friends! Easter is in my top few holidays as it is NO stress for me! Spring is here, the pastel colors are beautiful, and

 C H O C O L A T E!! 

What could be better! 

And now I have this little bunny to spoil!
 Great Great Aunt Michaelene knitted her a bunny hat!

Her Mommy said I was out of control since I bought her 4 pair of bunny ears! NO....not me!

Grandma LOVES to do bath time!

 And she can't resist getting a new hair bow whenever she is out shopping!

We had a wonderful church service and Lily-Jo ended up in 2 Easter dresses....she had a MAJOR explosion in the diaper and had to be bathed in the bathroom sink and then redressed in her 2nd dress that Mommy just happened to pack! Quite memorable for her first Easter! We then headed over to Grandma Ruth's for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was our first Easter without Grandpa Nelson there so that was very hard and he is deeply missed. The extended family is growing and so all the next generation is fun to enjoy.

I seem to be "calendar" living right now. Which means I'm constantly looking at the calendar to see what is going on today, what is coming up, what is the next event to get ready for. My husband is heavy into track meets right now and is very busy. That will last through May.

My baby, Darbey Rhea, is Graduating! UGH...I said it!  We are busy getting plans for "outside" work to get done to celebrate with a Graduation Party! It will also be the same day as her 18th birthday!  

And then we begin the crunch of July wedding plans! We have really gotten a lot done and I'm not stressed but still lots to do! 

Gotta go...what am I doing sitting here typing! HA!


Dee said...

I love hearing the joy in your postings when you talk about you adorable little grand baby. There is no joy like being a grand parent. You sure have a busy time ahead and I can see why you are calendar watching. I am glad you take the time to share with us...

momto8 said...

your pictures are sooooo cute. oh my goodness!! you have a busy season!! good luck! last yr I had a middle school , high school, college graduation in the same 2 weeks and a wedding the next month. I survived!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Farming On Faith said...

Lily-Jo is getting so big and cuter each time I see her. What a doll.

Praying you get all that to-do list done.

We are getting ready to plant the garden. Hopefully it will get done this weekend.