Monday, October 29, 2012

Has it really been 2 months?

I cannot believe it has been 2 months + since I've blogged. How does that much time go by? I honestly can't keep up anymore! Age? Perhaps! I think I had a birthday in there somewhere too! So in a is a 2 month update!
July - Haley and Cody got married, Rodney and I took a trip to Las Vegas which we had never been to, celebrated our 28th anniversary (wait....did we even go out to eat?), spending time with my mom at the nursing home.

August - High school Football started for my husband, moved Darb as she left for college at KSU and joined a sorority ( about those KSU Wildcats! Yes....Rodney and I both went to KU and he even played football there but KSU is getting our money right now and we love those Wildcats and Bill Snyder!), school switched grade levels after 20 years....I'm now a 1st grade teacher.....I tie shoes, zip pants, hand out kleenexs, put coats on......and am teaching a whole new curriculum! YIKES! I have probably been working 50+ hours a week to keep my head above water! To all you teachers out there...does Common Core, MTSS, State Standards ring a bell????????? I am finally finally beginning to feel like I have a grasp on things!I feel like my head is peeking above the water level and I'm breathing!  It's a wonder I have not suffocated my husband in laminating plastic as I lay in bed every night cutting out 6-8 foot sheets of "stuff"! He said to me last night, "Where do you PUT all this stuff? You can't have enough room on your walls!"

September/October - Football games, college visits, traveling to Iowa a couple of times to watch my son's horse races, church activities, and most of all.......... PLAYED, CUDDLED, KISSED, SPOILED my granddaughter Lily-Jo. That has been the most fun! Life just kind of stops when she comes to YaYa's house! 

And my best news of all...................I'm going to be a YaYa again! My newlyweds surprised all of us with the wonderful news that they are expecting in late April! Coach and I can't wait! Grandparenthood is the best....nothing like it! 

I thought I was going to be so depressed and lonely and sad and miserable when my baby Darb left for college and God had this plan: 

 for me to teach 1st grade and be busy,
 to enjoy and spend time with Lily-Jo,
 to bless us with another grandbaby, 
to watch Darb grow and flourish in her new venture of college! 

Empty Nesters??????? Not hardly! We haven't felt that yet! And we are so grateful!

God's plan is always the best! He knows what we need, He provides what we need! I worry too much and wonder how will this work out? Will it be okay? When all I need to do is pray, turn it over to God, and let Him handle it. 

Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there!

So anyway, that is 2 months in a nutshell! I'm going to try to do better! I will get around and visit and check up on all of you! 
I pray all is well with all of you! 

I'll work on pictures for next post! Trust me....they will be random!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I feel the same way...I am not quitting ...I just cannot get it in right now....So glad to hear from you....

Down On The Farm said...

So glad for all the blessings coming down on your family. Sounds like you are BUSY!!! Good to have you posting again :0!

Heather said...

2 months filled with lots of blessing!! I love first grade my favorite!! :) And Congratulations YAYA!!! how exciting God is Good!! ~Love Heather

Farming On Faith said...

Hi Friend~
I have been about as crazy as you! Life is too busy. I enjoyed catching up with you.

How about we meet this Christmas break at Zona Rosa for lunch. Wouldn't that we a fun Christmas treat? Let's put it on the calendar!

I am so excited about that new baby~ me too! Ashley will be about a month behind your daughter.

Talk with you soon!