Monday, May 20, 2013

Growing Like a Weed!

Look who is 8 weeks old today! 

Tripp Rodney! 

I can't take it! He is going to be going to PROM before long! He is so darling and sweet! He lives a couple of hours a way and YaYa has a REAL REAL hard time with that! I miss that little guy sooooo much! 
He is coming this weekend for the Memorial Day weekend and I'm busy doing housework/laundry/cleaning.......'cuz this lady ain't doing much else when he gets here but smooching and hugging and cuddling! HA! 

Miss Lily-Jo may give me a run for my money as she is C R A Z Y about him!

Loving keeping up with all of you! I just can't seem to get any personal blogging done! You all are way to much fun and exciting to read about! 

You little babies do your YaYa's heart good!


Farming On Faith said...

Oh my stars ~ he is so cute. Lily-Jo is getting way too big too! They are so adorable.

I am enjoying all your pictures.

Is school out?

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh my goodness, Tanya....those two are adorable! Tripp looks like a little man. They are just precious and I know you just adore them! How blessed you are!

So I know your summer vacation is going to be're out now right? Hope you have a wonderful summer!