Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I have got the sweetest little group of 1st graders! You know....they really are still little babies to their mommas !
We had our Aloha party to end our August days!

I was so busy that day...I forgot to get any good pictures of my kiddos in their grass skirts, leis, sunglasses, hair flowers. They looked adorable!
We had sherbert punch with umbrellas and straws in their drinks....fruit salad....and they made the cutest picture frames to take home. I really wish I had pictures! (NOTE TO SELF.....make sure you get the camera out next time! UGH!)

We I have been so busy with school and organizing. I had been in this room for 15 years and then when I moved to 1st grade last year...I had to switch rooms...ugh...exhausting...overwhelming! I was in that room 1 year and we passed a bond issue to add on to our campus (preschool and Kinder) so 1st grade was booted from our pod to get ready for construction and I MOVED BACK TO THE EXACT ROOM I HAD BEEN IN! Yikes! In all honesty, I'm happy to be "home". It feels more comfy and just right! I love my location....I look out over a beautiful hill and can see for to watch deer pass by my windows occasionally! 

It's Apple time now that it is September you know and we have been really enjoying "Apple" learning! Last week we had apple day and graphed all about our apples and then had the best snack! APPLES WITH CARAMEL SAUCE! We were a sticky icky mess but so yummy! :0)

Then we read the story "The House with No Doors or Windows" and we cut the apple to find the STAR! They were mesmerized and amazed! So cute!

And what a great weekend it was on the Home Front!

Great news! My #2 daughter and her husband and baby Tripp have moved closer! My son in law is making job changes and training in new management in the KC area! So excited! They will be staying with us until their house sells! ONE HAPPY YAYA and POPPY! 
Got to spend the weekend with all three "littles" and it was so fun!

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Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Congratulations on your newest grandson! Your grandchildren are all adorable :) I know you're glad your daughter and family will be closer. My son and his wife are home from So. Korea now, and I'm so thankful they are right across town now, as we await the birth of our first granddaughter.