Sunday, August 7, 2011

Here and There...This and That

July 28th was our 27th Anniversary....It was an uneventful day as far as celebrating anniversaries go! We worked around home all day! To be honest, we sweated all day outside!

But.................. July 31st, we got to celebrate with dinner at Cheesecake Factory and tickets to Kenny Chesney/Uncle Kracker/Billy Currington/Zac Brown Band concert!! Tickets were courtesy of our 4 thoughtful kiddos who gave them to their Daddy for Christmas! We have been waiting 7 months for it! Of course dinner at Cheesecake is ALWAYS so good...definitely one of our favorites! We dined outside on the patio....perfect weather! Then headed to the concert...we ended up being there a total of 8 hours! WOW...that's a long time for the old folks! Great seats and great time! 
(pictures taken off the web!)

July 23rd was my parent's auction. If you have ever had to go through that, you have my sympathy and thoughts. It is NOT an easy thing to do. It is NOT a fun thing to do. We have been getting mentally ready for it for a year and physically working on it for months. The 2 weeks before were pure physical work and emotional stress. It's one of those things you HAVE to do at some point but not easy. My husband, kids and I have been going through personal stuff for a while. We have been keeping those cherished things that have very sentimental meaning. We have boxed up and saved so many things. My Dad was a "project man". He did leather work/metal work/machine work/wood work .... you name it. My Mom has always jokingly told my husband and I that this day would come. His basement and his garage were full in a very organized way. He didn't have ONE of ANYTHING! He had multiples of everything. Pictures don't do justice! We had an awesome auction and we were extremely grateful for the auctioneer and his crew. They are friends of ours and they made this process so bearable. There were over 300 people that day. Everything sold very well and we were very pleased. People were there at 6:00 a.m. and the auction did not begin until 10:00 a.m. We went home that night at 8:00 p.m. truly drained! This past week we have continued to do the "aftermath" of the auction. Meeting people to let them pick up items bought/clean up/finish up paperwork/etc.


My husband and I had a epiphany (a sudden realization of great truth!) during this whole process! We have GOT to declutter/purge/organize/throw away/simplify!!!!!!!!! So this past week we have ATTACKED our home/sheds/garage/basement! We have hauled out more trashcans full than we can count. We have organized like professionals!! We feel so good! And we are not done....oh no.....there is still work to do! And I love it!  I think that the whole process of having to have an auction and go through "stuff" has made me so aware that it really is just "stuff".  I'm definitely a sentimental person and can't throw away MEMORIES easily so I do save those types of things.... but if it hasn't been used in weeks/months.....then it's history.  I bought the DVD by Peter Walsh "It's All Too Much" and it got me very motivated!
Here are pictures of BEFORE the auction ..... "stuff" had not be set out on trailors or in yard!  (Just so you know...this post will also serve as a small "photo" album to look back please scroll fast if you so choose!)


Here are pictures the DAY of the sale....Darbey was the "official" photographer and she actually took hundreds. I will spare you the pain and just share a few!!

 What an exhausting and hot day (month) it was! There were 4 auctioneers working with a crew of helpers. I'm so grateful to all of them. We sold EVERYTHING including 2 vehicles. We were unable to sell the house on auction so it remains with the real estate agency. I am also deeply grateful to my hardworking husband, 4 kids, 1 son in law and 1 boyfriend. They are my rocks and I couldn't do anything without them! Thank You and I love you!


A Gardner's Cottage said...

Oh my goodness!!! First off HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I am so glad you were able to enjoy a lovely dinner and concert! What thoughtful and amazing kids you have.

I have never been through an auction...great pics! I love the way your family pulls together when there is much to do.

Like you, our summer has been fairly busy and FULL! I'm praying that things will slow down a bit after we get Jen back to school (it's that time already)

Take care my friend!


Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit...and a big congratulations of the years of happiness of you and your husband, wonderful. That was quite the auction, reminds me of a TV show on HGTV..amazingly huge! Come say hi any time :D

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary~That must have been a fun time out at the concert!! And Wow about the auction I can see why you said it was mentally and physically draining. Gosh that must have been hard...So much love went in to that auction.... you can see it in the photos you were passing on those things to be used and loved and appreciated as they were once by someone your family loved. What a fabulous turn out you had as well. Glad that it went so well for you guys. And what a postive spin it has had on you as well with the decluttering. I hate clutter. This last move was a real doozey I had to really think do I want to move this item half way across the world? do I really need it? I think getting rid of clutter is really liberating and I pray it will be that for you and your family. I am sure as well when it comes time for back to school I bet you will feel so much more organzed even at school just knowing your home is so organized ~Love Heather

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

So sorry I missed your anniversary! I didn't realize how close it was to ours! It looks like you had a great celebration a few days later! You two make a cute cute couple! I loved your wedding photo!

And Wow! You have been busy, Tanya! There were so many people at the auction and so many things! I'm so glad that it was a success! Your hard worked paid off and you have a wonderful family to help as they did!

Guess you're getting ready for back to school? I'm getting ready to order our curriculum this week and we will ease into school later this month.

Thank you so much for your very sweet comments! I love reading your comments so much because you are the sweetest thing! I really appreciate you!

Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend! :)

Hugs and Blessings,

GardenofDaisies said...

Sounds like you had a very successful auction at your Dad's house. Good that you had lots of family around to help with that. We go through things at our house and donate to garage sales every year, so I know how good it feels to clear things out. I am like you, I like to hold on to the sentimental family items. Hope you had a very happy anniversary!