Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome Back to School

Whew! I made it!
Today was "students" first day back in our district! This is my 20th year teaching and I think I can say it went very well and was one of my better starts to a year! It was an awesome day! I have 20 energetic 3rd graders (12 boys and 8 girls). They were a great group TODAY...I'll let you know how I'm doing by the end of the week! HA! I wish I could show you their pictures as they are pretty cute! I have one little girl who is extremely tiny (we had to lower her desk waaayyyy down and get her a 1st grade chair) and she wanted to hold my hand all day. When I needed to use my hand, she latched on to my leg or my waist! So cute! She was not upset or scared, just loving and physical!  She also has lost her 2 front teeth!  Just priceless adorable!

I pray that I can be a positive influence on them. I hope that I can teach them academic skills to help them succeed in life, but also some character values, morals, and knowing right from wrong. I would love to teach them about Jesus and God and sing songs we sing at church. I know that I would probably lose my job if that took place, but whenever whenever whenever THEY bring up church or God or Jesus, I love it and I encourage them. I wish when we finished the Pledge of Allegiance we could have a prayer. We can't! But I will pray for these little people!

Darb started her S_ _ _ _ _ year (12th) at school. I told her not to say that word in the house...Momma can't handle her baby being that old. 

Here she is this a.m.....she wasn't ready for school (notice the bare feet!) but I had to leave for school and needed the annual pic. 

Daddy started today too. He left at 6:00 a.m. for football practice. They both have volleyball and football practices after school. They will be exhausted! Tonight for supper is Stuffed Green Peppers (Thanks Carrie at Farming on Faith!), oven potatoes, and Texas toast.  They never care what's for supper....they are too tired and zombied out and just so happy Momma has supper ready.
Speaking of which, do you say Supper or Dinner for your evening meal???? Just curious!

We got a little rain today which was nice. It greened up outside! We did get a break and got to go out for recess! HALLELUJAH!

My neck, my feet, my back are killing me!  That's the truth! I will go for my daily walk tonight and then I will beg for a neck massage tonight! HA!

My daughter, Lacey, who is expecting February 13, is gearing up for her first day of teaching Kindergarten on Thursday. She has 20 of them! Last year was her first year of teaching and she was a ESL teacher/coordinator for K-12. I just know she is going to love it! I also think she is going to be worn out Thursday night! I can't wait to hear the stories she has to tell!

Hoping all of you that have kiddos heading back to school will have a great start to the school year. How is your routine coming? Getting kids to bed, getting kids out of bed, breakfast, buses, drop offs, pick ups, running here, running do we do it?
Summer is on it's last leg and we are in a new phase of the year. Ahhhh Fall is on it's way! I love Fall but I sure hate to say Bye Bye to those lazy fun days of Summer.

Can't wait to hear about your "Back to School"!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

it is so hard to think about school starting...It is so hot here...

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hi there Tanya,

I can just see you in your classroom! What a wonderful teacher you are. No wonder the little girl was latched on to you! I would hope my kids would get a teacher like you if they went to school. Speaking of which, we haven't started this year yet.

I didn't realize Lacey was due so close to Joy's birthday! Her's is the 2nd of February and Luke's is the 25th! :)

Oh and we call it supper! :)

Hope you have a wonderful year and it's nice to know you're praying for the kids in your class! :)

Hugs and Blessings,

Heather said...

Oh happy back to school Praying for you and your Kiddos this year!! Hope you have a fantastic school year :) ~School starts here in September but we still have not decided what school the kids will be going to yet since we have to send them to a private school~ Have a great week ~Love Heather

A Gardner's Cottage said...


How are you my sweet friend? Is it really that time of year already? Lots of changes around my neck of the woods and would love to hear what's been going on with you. My very sweet husband did some computer house up the email address book. I went to email you a few days ago and your address was no where to be found :\ if you get a chance could you send it my way. Thanks

Hope you have an amazing day