Sunday, November 27, 2011

Family + Food + Fun + Blessings = Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now it is back to the routine tomorrow. I was bummed thinking about it being over but then....I realized....we only have 17 school days left this year! YIKES! And then another vacation! BIG SMILE!

So a Countdown to Christmas will go up in my room and I know the days are just going to fly by. 

Hoping your Thanksgiving was fun and relaxing. Can't wait to read about yours!
Here's a glimpse of ours....

Mama to Be had a craving to make sugar cookies!

Auntie D loves her Niece to Be!

Baby Rhea and Daddy do the carving....

Haley Beth made Mama Lace a shirt!

The girls in our aprons....
It takes us a while to get a picture! Way too much silliness!

Mama and Daddy To Be

And NO we didn't do Black Friday....too tired! How about you? Any great bargains?


www said...

These pictures are too precious. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Love the aprons --- I hope all the generations downward keep taking these photo opportunities!


www, said...

Whoops - didn't finish logging off...