Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gearing Down!!

Mrs. Madden (who does not like change normally!) has made a huge change and I give all credit and thanks to God. My good friend who teaches 1st grade talked to me and said she was going to try to get a job in the town she lives in (about 30 minutes away) and not commute anymore....and would I like her position?  Move from 3rd grade to 1st grade! YIKES! Well, hummmmmm....I have taught 5th grade 2 years then moved to 3rd grade and have been there for 18 years....13 or so years in the same room! After much thought and PRAYER, I talked to my principal and he was excited and said sure if she got the job he would move me. She did NOT get the job so I felt like "no biggy...I'll stay where I am...God is in charge and will take care of it."  A couple of days later, my friend called and said that ANOTHER 1st grade teacher wanted to move to 5th which had an opening! Now is that God at work or what....He always has the details and works it out. So I'm moving to be a 1st grade teacher. I'm so excited and ready for a change! (Did I just say that?) Now I get to work with 3 of my great friends in a new position! I've begun to box up "stuff"! Yes....this change is due. I'm purging and cleaning. I truly feel so good and so joyous and so thankful. 

I write this to convey one of my favorite verses....Be still and know that I am God.  Pray about it and then let Him work it out how it should be. In His way....and what is best for me. My faith strengthens every time I see His hand at work. What a comfort to turn it over to Him and not fret and worry about it. 

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

I may just have to take some pics of my room...the chaos, the mess! I have a wedding to get ready for ..... I've got to get busy!


Dee said...

Oh still and know that I am God. When your heart is willing He can work with in you...sounds like you have a fun filled adventure full of change ahead of you.I look forward to updates.

Heather said...

How exciting!! I love first grade I had the privilege to tutor first grade students in reading one year. And because the class did not have a room Mom I also got to be room Mom as well. I will never forget that. ~May God continue to Bless those who you Bless through your teaching ~Keep us posted how it goes ~Love Heather

Linda Stubbs said...

Oh how fun for you sweet friend! 1st graders are so precious!

I finally got to do some reading on your blog. Working at the school just zaps me! You know so well, right?

Your grand baby is so precious. sure she takes some of your time also! It is so fun to just sit and hold em!

Well, just had to say hello and miss our talks via posts. I will try to do better on getting over here. Hope Momma is doing well. I almost lost mine. It was a real scare for sure.

Hugs sweet friend! me