Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I don't think it's officially "Summertime" according to the calendar...but in my little world....it's here! 

We survived Graduation and it was a wonderful time.  Mom shed many tears but definitely got through it.  We are looking forward to the next phase for Darb! She is going to attend Kansas State University and major in Elementary 
Education ... although I can see her doing something in Photography as well. She has a great little business going right now! Check her out on BabyRheaPhotography.blogspot.com!!

I was contractually (is that a word????) off duty come Friday, May 25th, after I got all checked out at school. I hauled 10 loads +++ on a pull flat cart from my old room to my new room. At many points along the way, I said to myself, "What was I thinking?" However I have purged and thrown and cleaned and organized. I will miss my old room that I spent 13 years in but I'm trying to embrace CHANGE.  I'm so excited to get to spend time with little 1st graders! I welcome this change. My room is a disaster. Truly it is! I have to move everything on the "tile" while they shampoo carpet and then I can begin "setting up shop".  So my hope is to spend a little time a little each week and ease into it.

My first week off I called my "healing week" and I decided to not try to conquer major projects ANYWHERE! The next week was "funeral" week. We had 3 funerals that were very hard for us.  We also were putting up and closing up Graduation stuff. Darb has her Senior Dance recital that weekend as well as a church bridal shower for Haley and Cody. The next week, we tackled wedding and home projects and a family shower for Haley. 

This week my brain and body need to take it slow and easy. I'm thinking it's another "healing week"!  My wonderful hubby is painting the house...ugh for him! I'm just the "gopher" and the "ice tea refiller". 
We are finishing up the last minute wedding plans. So far we are on schedule....tuxes ordered, menu finalized, flowers orders, working on programs, hair appointments made, cake ordered....YIKES! So much to do with a wedding, right????

Plus I want to get some kissing in on Lily-Jo. She is getting cuter every day. I think it's okay for YaYa's to say that! She just smiles at me and we smooch a lot! She has her flower girl shoes all ready but her Mommy is still contemplating her dress for the wedding.

We celebrated my oldest baby's 26th birthday last night with a family cookout.....steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the grill, stuffed jalapenos, pasta salad, homemade ice cream! Oh yummy it was! I can NOT believe he is 26..where does the time go? He is my special baby boy....the girls say he's a Momma's boy and I spoil him....Well isn't that what Mommas do??????? I remember so vividly the day he was born...I was so nervous to be a mommy. Could I do it right? We learned together and he is always there for his Mom. I love that boy! 

Today is my oldest daughter and son in law's 2nd anniversary! They are great friends and partners in love and marriage. We are so so grateful for Blake and for the joy he brings to our daughter. What a blessing! And we are so thankful they have given us a darling little granddaughter who has brought our family so much joy! Congratulations and may you have many many more years of happiness and love together.

So I will close for now and hopefully do better on blogging! I love reading all about all of you and keeping up with you! 

I'll leave you with RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM pictures! 


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Dee said...

With all the busyness going on at your home I would definitely agree that Summer is at your house. :) It is a very good thing you took a healing week first.