Sunday, June 23, 2013


I can't help it....I love S U M M E R !!!!! It's probably because I'm a teacher August through May and so June and July are pure relaxation. I stay up late and sleep in late. No guilt here! :) We go for late walks...10 p.m. many nights!  I get so many projects done in the summer that I just can't get to in the Fall/Winter/Spring! In May, my hubby and I make our "work list"  and we love to draw that line through it when we finish it! Oh so fulfilling!

The rain has been plentiful and so wonderful. The grass is green, the grass is full, the trees are gorgeous! Praise God for the rain!

Getting to read books which I don't accomplish much outside of summer! Reading To Kill a Mockingbird now, and have a stack to get to....A Glorious Becoming:Embrace Your Royalty (Thank you Kelly!).....Happy, Happy, Happy (Phil Robertson's book).......Welcome to the World Baby Girl (recommended by Aunt Ruthie of Sugarpie Farmhouse) and would love some suggestions.
I lay in the little pool and float and we just got the hot tub up and running so that will be really a great reading spot.....or just sit on the porch on hot days and listen to the birds as I read!

Lily-Jo and I have weekly slumber parties and little Tripp is becoming quite the sleeper so I have requested him on my schedule now! Lily loves YaYa's milkshakes and never turns one down!

Flowers and planting has really kept me busy outside. My fingernails will vouch for that! I got my raised bed gardens in, my herb garden in, lots of pots of annuals, and some new perennials in. My son in law is a Landscape Designer so he got me some gorgeous hydrangea and peony plants.

And cooking/baking! Loving grilling out! Don't you just love the "summer" foods....corn on the cob, watermelon, canteloupe, homemade ice cream ( don't know how many freezers we have made already), berry cobblers, jalepeno poppers......

Then the icing on the cake is:

Definition of ALFRESCO

: taking place or located in the open air : outdoor, outdoors alfresco
lunch> alfresco café> alfresco>
My family knows that Mom will always say...."Let's eat outside!" 

Random shots of June so far!!!!!!!!!

Mother's Day gift....pots for my porch that I painted black!

 Flea Market bargain.....$60 for the set (plus an umbrella!)
Redo pics are coming! 
I'm out of control with spray paint this summer!

Little Miss Lily-Jo loves to sit on YaYa's island and ..... eat!

I found a nest in my Boston fern on my porch when I was watering!

 Listening to some country music at an outdoor concert!

Hot tub is up and running and Lily-Jo is loving Poppy's pool!

Poppy and his boy!

Poppy and his girl!

Bathtime at YaYa's!

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Farming On Faith said...

Oh my goodness~ those babies are growing!
They are just as cute as can be. It is so good to catch up. I am still working on getting settled but had to have a peak.