Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's School Time!!

My husband and I completed our week of teacher meetings and the students will begin on Monday.  I was dreading last week...mainly due to just getting back in the swing of it, getting up and out the door, and realizing that summer is over. WHY WHY WHY can't summer be half of the year and then 
s q u e e z e the other seasons in the other half!!! I really love the slow easy pace of summer. We stay up late and love it.  Oh well, here we go. I'm very excited about my new classroom of 3rd graders.  I have 15 on my roster!!! This is my 19th year and I've NEVER had a small class like this!! I cleaned and scrubbed and purged stuff in my room and feel pretty good. I have a new way of thinking (comes with age I believe!). It's called Simplify.  I used to be a "saver"...not a hoarder but a saver. But I bought Peter Walsh's DVD "It's All Too Much". Got me really going and trying to get organized. The "Stuff" can really get a person down and the material "want" can also be a bad influence. Oh, I love to shop and browse and look and buy....but I tend to be a "bargain" "clearance" shopper and I hate to admit it but I have influenced my girls that way too.  My sis in laws, daughters, and I love to hit the flea markets/good wills/salvation army/garage sales/etc to see what trash treasure we can find to transform into something beautiful and unique. They are alot better at it than me!! And I'm not above screeching the tires to pick up something along the road!! Now that about sends my girls through the roof when Mom does that!  I'm always thrilled when bloggers post something they have done with their hands and mind!! I've got my eye on a cabinet right now that I might rescue and redo. I mull things over quite a while before I take the plunge. 
And one last camera died. It was not an expensive one...just a cheapo digital but I liked it.  Last Sept. when we went on our anniversary/birthday trip to Turks and Caicos, my husband tipped the Hobie Sailboat over TWICE with us on it out in the middle of the ocean (that's another story in itself).My camera was in my hand and I tried to keep it above water. It did pretty good for a while but it has given up. So, do I save up my extra duty pay for a Kitchen Aid mixer OR a new camera???? Hummmmm??? I'm at the mercy of using my daughters' cameras so will attach some pictures soon!! 

Here's a nice picture of a calm ride! (Not us!)

This is moments before we capsized and I feared sharks but kept my camera above water!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!! I'll let you know how it goes!! I know my feet will hurt!
Pot roast, new potatoes,onions, and fresh green beans going in the crock pot bright and early!


Bella said...

Hi Tanya... I will set one aside for you... I don't know whats up with the e-mail... you can double click the bird in my sidebar or there is a link at my profile.. Keep trying :-)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You won....Stop by A BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING....

and find out your prize...and send me your information to
Thanks, Teresa


Happy@Home said...

It sounds like you have prepared well for the new school year. How nice it will be to come home at the end of the day to a dinner waiting in the crock pot.
Sorry to hear about your camera. That is a bummer. Hard for us bloggers to go too long without our cameras :).