Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy's a Great Day!

With my favorite coffee mug and my typical toast with peanut butter, I enjoyed my morning on the porch and read a great devotional. It ended with this poem I wanted to share.  I find comfort in knowing that no matter where I am, what I have to do, who I am in company with.....God is right there beside me.  I can truly say, "Okay God, here we go....lead the way!"

Begin the day with God
Kneel down to Him in prayer;
Lift up thy heart to His abode.
And seek His love to share.

Open the book of God
And read a portion there;
That it may hallow all thy thoughts,
And sweeten all thy care.

Go through the day with God
Whate'er thy work may be;
Where'er thou art-at home, abroad,
He still is near to thee.

Converse in mind with God
Thy spirit heavenward raise;
Acknowledge every good bestowed,
And offer grateful praise.

Conclude the day with God
Thy sins to Him confess;
Trust in Lord's atoning blood,
And plead His righteousness.

Lie down at night with God
Who gives His servants sleep;
And when thou tread'st the vale of death,
He will thee guard and keep.


GardenofDaisies said...

Very comforting poem. Recently I made the decision that I would start my days by asking God to help me be a blessing to others. I don't know what challenges each day will bring, but I like having that thought at the forefront of my mind as I take care of my family and go to work. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Dee said...

Sunday blessings. I like the poem...It is good to know that God is always with us where ever we go and that we can place all in his hands in confidence.