Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football MANIA~

To me, today signals the start of football season! YIKES! 
Don't get me wrong...I love football! Our family loves football. My husband has played 5th grade football all the way through college football for the KU Jayhawks...

and then as if that wasn't enough of the pigskin life, he has been a head coach for Junior High and High School for 22 years. He coached our son as quarterback for 4 years and that was his biggest thrill. He "RETIRED" from it in 2005 and this year sprung it on the fam that he is going to get back into it! So we are now back in the mode of Friday night football games, Saturday football on TV or going to a college game (Yea! K-State Wilcats (daughters/son in law college!),

Sunday football (Yea! KC Chiefs!)

and then of course Monday night football! 

We have also added Texas Longhorns to our list of teams to watch (Haley's beau Cody is a HUGE fan! They are on the priority list today!)

 I'm NOT knowledgeable about all the stats and rankings of all the college and pro teams. But I do enjoy watching! It's just part of the FALL season!  I have had to let go of the sweet taste of summer! There is just a change in the air outside that signals Fall has arrived.  It's crisp and clean!  The smells are wonderful, the colors are lovely, and the weather is refreshing!
Today we are all enjoying the day! A Walmart run, projects to do, mowing to do, and maybe some cooking and baking on the agenda to go along with those football games on TV!!
And the best part of this weekend for me~~~~~ LABOR DAY!! A day off! YES! 

How about your family?  Does football play a part in your fall?  And who will you be cheering for?

Have a great weekend and enjoy!!


GardenofDaisies said...

Go Wildcats!!! :-)
Yes, hubby loves to watch Monday night football! And of course we went to lots of high school games, as band parents. And then there is "fantasy football" too!
I'm really loving this cooler weather!

Dee said...

I miss the football games at the schools when my grandson played but I am not a big fan of T.V. football.