Monday, September 5, 2011

A Fun Night!

My #2 daughter, Haley, works at a restaurant called Yia Yia's. (Ya Ya's). It is a very nice, upscale restaurant. They host many high dollar parties and she got to work one a couple of weekends ago. It just so happened John Walsh of America's Most Wanted was guest of honor.  Haley got to serve and said he was the kindest man. He was very willing to sign autographs, take pictures and visit with everyone.

 (Haley is on the far right)

John Walsh is known internationally as a crime fighter, victims’ advocate and the host of America's Most Wanted -- the groundbreaking reality program that's helped law enforcement capture more than 1,100 dangerous fugitives and brought home more than 50 missing children since its debut in 1988. He never sought the role, but this has been his life since July 27, 1981 -- the day his only child, Adam, was abducted from a mall near his home in Hollywood, Fla. Adam was found murdered two weeks later.

Just a fun little night with a big tip! HA!  

My computer crashed and with it has caused me to lose all my blog addresses! YIKES! Please send them to me in a comment Please Please! I can't get back to some of you!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

How exciting...I love John Walsh

Heather said...

Very nice picture....sorry to hear about your computer ....I just got a new one as well mine was acting up also ~Love Heather