Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Darbey Rhea

Ooooohhhh this one hurts a little!! My baby is 16!! Ouchy!! She is still the size of a 13 year old or so and cute as a button so her Daddy still tries to rock her.
At a family wedding a few years ago, her cousin's boyfriend even asked:
"Is your cousin really big for her age?"
"Uh, no she's actually really small for her age!"
"Oh, I thought she was a really tall 2nd grader."
"No honey, she's a really small 7th grader!"

Her sister affectionately calls her Baby Lisa (from Dog the Bounty Hunter) because she always gets to be the gopher, get me this, do this, bring this tool for this job.

All 4 of my offspring had interesting stories when they were born so I'm sharing D's today. I think I better get it in writing in case my mind goes. It tends to do this lately. (I'm blaming it on revamping our house, redoing the newlywed house, a wedding in the backyard, a graduation, birthdays....all moms understand... thank you very much!)

Excitement of a 3rd Daughter (little Cindy Brady) to Come!

I was teaching my second year of school. I was determined to work up until the day she came and I did. We left for the hospital after contractions made it clear that was the smart thing to do, and my husband had a deep fear of delivering on the highway. #3 was basically delivered in the hallway on the way to the delivery room and he DID NOT want to do that again. I had and have been with this doctor since I was 18 and I dearly love him. He was unable to deliver the first 3 papooses due to scheduling, out of town, etcetcetc. He knew this Momma was not happy about that and he promised he would bring this little pumpkin into the world even if we had to induce so he could be there. Well, they broke the water and said "it won't be long and Dr. S is on his way".

H E L L O!!!!!!! NOT QUICK ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

Nurse got Dr. B on standby who was standing outside the door scrubbed and ready (I think he was too scared to come in as he had been warned that NO ONE but Dr. S was going to go below the belt and touch this one.) When mother nature determined that the baby was going to drop to the floor if we didn't get Dr. B in here, I succumbed to the disappointment and truth that I had no choice. But I was encouraged, "Dr. S is on the interstate caught in traffic and we're on the phone with him!" And how do you tell a full term baby that?
Dr. B was sweet as can be and said he understood how I felt and to just not look at him. Well, to be as tactful as I can....he basically delivered her head and was cleaning her airway as the door BURST open and in rushed Dr. S to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!! They literally switched places mid...ummmmm PUSH..... and he delivered the body (or something like that). YEA!!! He smiled, I smiled and he knew I loved him dearly!! So we always recall that story at my yearly visit and he knows how grateful I am. He gets the credit in my mind!!
So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby. She is now the one at home that gets to hear, experience, live through, endure, share all my heartaches, frustrations, joys, weak moments, tense moments, memory lapse moments. I think her frequent comment to me is "Remember Mom, I just told you that!" or "You just asked me that Mom." Oh well, it is what it is!!!

She's my beauty shop girl, pedicure girl, make up girl to her momma. She spoils me !!

Here's my top 10 traits about her:
10. She always sees the good in situations...."Mom I know you like your cotton underwear but they are showing out the top of your jeans, just pull your shirt down farther!"

9. She is so kind hearted and helpful to others....buckles the Grandmas seatbelts when they get in the vehicles.

8. Smiles smiles smiles!!! She can light up a room with her smile...well she better after enduring palette separator, mara appliance, and braces braces braces for over 2 years and rarely complained.

7. Loves her sisters, brother, momma, daddy, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. They just make her world the best.

6. Is quite the little make up artist. She always looks very conservative but can turn a blah face into a work of art. Check her blog out here.

5. Spoils the animals terribly. She loves Miss Olive Boo so much and they have this weird thing about understanding each other.

4. Is learning to accept change with a positive attitude!! Not the money kind, the "let's try something different" kind. Yea, we've been through a few breakdowns with that one.... ie...taking down the rails off the porch, changing paint color in any room, Lacey getting married, trading in a mini van.

3. She can cheer, dance, and act like nobody's business!! She can bust a move....I wonder if she got that from her momma or daddy...come to the wedding reception to cast your vote.

2. Has been the perfect daughter to her she has her share of mistakes and faults don't get me wrong ... but is so respectful and kind and loving and obedient toward us!! She's still a hugger and kisser and not embarrassed by it! The 2's were a great year...thought we had it made...and then whoa baby...the 3's came and I didn't who this little person was that was living in our house. Remind me to post the tale about she and her Uncle Doc and Auntie J "Just Give Her Whatever She Wants!"

1. She is a Christian young lady who decided to live her life for God and Jesus Christ. The day she was baptized by her daddy was the happiest day for her parents. The day she accepted Jesus as her Savior and wanted to go to heaven was the best choice she ever made. We are so thankful and grateful that she is God's little girl and that someday we get to give her back to him. She's a loaner right now and we are loving it.
So even though you are another year older and almost as tall as your momma and I'm a little emotional about it...I'm celebrating your birth and 16 years here with us. We love you more than you will ever know.


jamjar said...

We do all love her...She is (IS) the sweetest thing on two feet. I've never seen her in a bad mood. We love the stuffing out of her!!! Now, since I'm crying I had better sign off...Happy Birthday you darling, darling little girl! How did it happen that you grew up so fast? It seems like yesterday that Car-less carried you everywhere!!! love now and always...and then forever in heaven...Auntie J.!!!

PBKISSES said...

Ok,T, I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Ya happy now?

Now to Miss Sweet Sixteen:
Love you little Darb. Happy Birthday. You are a blessing to our family! Your cousins adore you and they should!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

What a birth story!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great story.....Loved this post....Will add you to the list...and will answer any questions..did a few question and answer posts during tree season....Your prize is ready to ship...I just need to get to the PO....I have about 6 things to ship;...hoping it will be tomorrow...

AnnaMarie said...

So sweet!!! Being my parents baby, I loved being the only one left in the house with them. (= Tell her to soak it up because it will be gone before she knows it!

seethebeauty said...

Mommy!! you already got to hear my comments.. you made me cry cry cry like a little baby! I'm so proud to be your daughter and even prouder that I have such wonderful parents who raised me in such a good way :) I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much and thankyou for this lovely post! muah!xoxo hookie!