Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Showers of Love

Sunday, my engaged daughter was truly SHOWERED with LOVE (and aprons)!! My niece Sonita Maria hosted the shower at her house with Auntie J (her momma) and Cowgirl in Pearls and Boots (future daughter in law of Auntie J) helping co host. It was a lovely lovely (did I say it was lovely?) event. It was a family gathering and so much fun. My pictures are just stuck on here in a crazy random order so bear with me. Check out Auntie J pictures too. She is way more organized.
The food was so delicious and yummy and the table decorations were so DEE LITE FULL!!

Auntie J and Baby Lisa (Remember the Rule??....don't get off one end of the bench without telling the other person you are doing so!)

Baby B (one of the flower girls) and Haley Beth

She can blow kisses better than anyone I know!

Maid of Honor arranging a bow bouquet

Great Aunt Mi Mi ...she is the reception and table decoration artist for the wedding

L and Auntie L's apron gift....this has to be THE MOST extravagant elegant high fa loot en (I know that's not a word!!) apron we had EVER seen...The picture does not do it justice but it was made with a beautiful tapestry, lovely silk overlay, and antique ivory lace. And it's reversible. Now really L, you are NOT going to cook in this!!

L got 10 aprons and when she arrived they were all hanging across the front of the house on a clothesline with clothes pins. It was adorable.

I have the 3 best sister in laws!!! I mean it...They are like true sisters to me. (SIL TerriAnn not in this pic but Leslie and Joyce and me)

My Brady Bunch girls

Bride's IN LAWS (sister in law, sister in law, Momma in law) They are so sweet and so good to L and she is sooooooo blessed to get to be a part of their great family.

Hostesses (Lauren, Joyce, L, and Sonita Maria)

3 generations (me, my momma, and L)

My momma has been diagnosed with Alzheimers and so we treasure the good times.

My mother in law and her 6 granddaughters...she will be the first to tell you they are the sweetest, prettiest, kindest, smartest girls!!! She's a little partial, huh?

L and the beautiful Thank You notes Auntie J MADE!!! She never makes two alike!! She makes beautiful cards..I always ask her if it ever hurts her feelings if people were to throw them away? She thinks I'm a nut!!

She had the cutest idea to put them in a beautiful tin and to have the guests pick out a card and address the envelope for the Bride to Be to send.

Sonita's new kitchen...Did I tell you she JUST moved into this house a week ago? And it looked like they had been there for years. Gorgeous, roomy, homey, cozy, I want to spend the night here house.

L and her Grandmas!

A huge THANK YOU to S, J, and L.... The shower was awesome and so fun. The food was delicious, the games were a blast, the gifts were so generous and the hospitality was so heart felt. We laughed and laughed. We are quite a LOUD family but we are full of love.

Highlight of the shower....the Bride to Be and I were taking separate cars for this hour long drive. The BTB told Baby Lisa she would pick her up after she got gas. Meanwhile Momma left town with the Great Aunt and Grandmas... Baby Lisa called me to tell me she had the Brides phone and that no one came back for her. This is 30 minutes into my drive. Brother Z (not real thrilled to but did so) brought her to meet up with us since we couldn't get ahold of BTB. Is it possible that she was a little excited to get there and just left her baby sister standing stranded in the driveway waiting? YES it's happened!!!

I don't care what she's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!


AnnaMarie said...

It looks like it was a beautiful shower!!! It is getting close and I'm sure she's getting excited. Feel free to use anything you find on my blog. It is yours for the taking. (= 23 days!!!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Oooohing and Aaaahing!!! What a sweet shower. Love the apron idea. Your girls are just adorable! Will be praying for your family in the coming days if there is a specific requeast let me know. ENJOY

Lacey said...

You better believe that I will be making Hamburger Helper in Aunt "Lacey's" (ha.ha.ha.) apron! Just kidding, I really should frame it!

Thank you cards are in the back of the van, so I have not had a chance to write them yet! Oops! But they ARE coming!

PBKISSES said...

OK, Can your girls be any more PHOTOGENIC. and DON'T say I'm partial! As for that apron, USE IT, USE IT! And why is there no mention or pics of your adorable aprons or that SWEET cookbook. You are too humble and we love ya!

jamjar said...

We were really and truly delighted to be able to give Stacey the shower! And what fun!!!We loved all afternoon, didn't we? Love you , sis!

Dee said...

lovely family :) and it looks like you had a grand shower by the smiles on every one's faces.

Jessica {The Novice Chef} said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!