Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Work to Do!!

Today I'm off work for a "mental health day"....just kidding...that's teacher language for "I NEED A BREAK"! Really I took off to plant some flowers. My good teacher friend Rhonda (who is also planting lots of potted flowers for L's wedding that we get to borrow...I love her and owe her) is going to be a big help. She said Home Depot had lots of flowers in L's colors in great shape and great prices. So yesterday after school, I buzzed up there and bought a great quantity (impatiens, geraniums, petunias, alyssum, fern fillers, etc) . A nice young girl helped me load. She finally said, "You must like flowers, and you must like this color (coral/salmon)!!" I explained that were for a backyard wedding (Backyard Chic) and she got quite excited. I think she wanted to come home and help me plant, serve at the guestbook, and dance with us under the stars!!! L....can I add her to the guest list???????

So here they are on my porch anxiously awaiting me to come outside to turn them into beauty in a pot. I think I need Rhonda for that!! But I'm getting ready to head out and tackle the potting soil, pots, hose, etc. And I'm curious.....what are your tips to make pots full and beautiful in 6 weeks??? Can't wait to hear from you!!
The blue hydrangea and the knockout rose bush are not in the color palette, but they're two of my favorite plants. So they're for ME!!
Then I stopped by Wally World last night and these puppies were just off the truck still in the bag....when I got them home and cut the bags off, they just fell open as if to say "DA DAH"...and $10 each...now that's a bargain. I've tried hanging pots on my looking front porch (it faces north) and they never look good. My sis in law T puts them on her porch facing north and they are massive, full, colorful, and gorgeous. I've tried .... I can't do it!! So I gave up and went to Boston ferns. They do great, give it a nice Southern flair and L's wants them there too. So ............

I hope to post the "AFTER" pictures later....Watch for them in wedding shots!!!

I'm off to tackle the mess!!


Down On The Farm said...

I grow vegetables, not flowers, so I have no words of wisdom for you:0! I know it will all look great! Can't wait to see wedding pictures. You must be very proud and excited! Blessings.

Dee said...

The flowers are wonderful...the color combination is perfect. I do not know much about flowers but I heard if you talk to them daily they flourish. :)

GardenofDaisies said...

LOve all the pretty flowers together! Your pots are going to look amazing for the wedding. For a lush look sooner, I would:
1. plant closer than you normally would, so that they create a filled in look,
2. Use a mix of sized plants. Those with larger leaves will probably help things look lush quicker. Also a few trailing plants help to make a pot look like it is overflowing with blooms.
3. Use good potting soil that contains some fertilizer. (there are different kinds of fertilizer... some make more leaves grow, others make more flowers grow, so talk to your garden center to get what you want.)
4. Herbs like MInt and Thyme and Oregano grow quickly. They are green and usually have a lovely scent. They might make good fillers.
4.Make sure the location meets optimum light and water requirements.
5. If you still think you have some bare spots a day or two before the wedding, fill with any sort of green leafy plants you can get your hands on. Everyone will be so busy paying attention to the beautiful bride no one will notice if one or two plants looks different than the others.

Hope that helps... I am certainly not an expert, just someone who enjoys growing flowers. and i'm looking forward to hearing what advice others might have. Have a happy planting day!

Haley said...

I don't know if I can get as excited as you and L about your potted plants but I am excited for the wedding in which the potted plants will be displayed! I think it is in 40 days, YIKES, that is kinda soon!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Hey Tanya,

Those plants are so cute sitting there on your porch. I love pink and plant alot of it. I don't know where you live and maybe that is a good thing cuz I would so be there helping you! I've been told I can be a little bossy ;)I just love to work in the yard and get my nails dirty! Hope you had a great day planting!

ps...congrats to your daughter on her job!!! That is great news!

pss...Thanks for asking about my neighbor. About a monthe ago her son was on his way to work and stopped at a gas station where he was carjacked and later killed. It was such a shock...things like that don't happen here very often.

PBKISSES said...

oh soooo pretty. and I don't care WHAT you say. You ALWAYS have the MOST beautiful potted flowers I have ever seen! You have such a green thumb. So my suggestion is just do your THING. CUZ you definitely know what your doing.
Love ya!

PS I was at Lowe's yesterday and the impatients there weren't nearly as pretty. but I didn't come home entirely empty handed...;)