Monday, May 17, 2010

The Smell of the Day

Cilantro makes me happy....Fresh cilantro is one of my all time favorite smells. I have not had the time to put in my "erb" garden. I have been too I saw this pot at Wally World that had a lot of my favorites and I bought it. I brought it home and repotted it. BUT it did not have cilantro in it. So I bought a separate pot of it and will add it in.
I have a little obsession with it actually. I stand in the produce section and "sniff" it. Yes I do. And I don't care if people stare! Others may sniff illegally, but mine is wholesome and good. It is one of my "bestest" smells. I think I'll make a post about my top favorite smells. This might just be #1....I'm going to ponder that one. Alot of herbs actually rate pretty high on my list!
So, I'm curious....what is your favorite scent????????


GardenofDaisies said...

I'm trying to grow some cilantro this year... for the first time. I've heard it is difficult. Well, so far I have put it in a pot and just let it sit... the rain has been doing all the watering.
My favorite scents are lemon, lavender, turkey roasting in the oven and Christmas trees.
I do like the way all my herbs smell, and I like wandering outside and running my hands through them on a nice warm sunny day. Ummmm..... I call it aroma therapy. :-)
Congrats on the kids graduations!! What a smart girl you have!!
Are you counting down the days til the wedding now?

PBKISSES said...

I crack up whenever I think of you standing in the produce with your face stuck in a bunch of cilantro. Can't you just hear the grocery store people going "She's at it again!"
My favorite smells...? I love Ysatis perfume (ok that's predictable) bread baking...(that's predictable too) (yeah I know, still predictable).
Oh-I've got one! This one is definately NOT predictable. Actually, it's a little strange...but I LOVE the smell of newborn baby......poop. NOT when they get past around 2 months, but just during that precious window of time when they are solely fed by momma. Don't get me wrong, a little goes a long way,but still.
Yup, I know... WEIRD!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

YOU TOO??? I love the smell of cilantro and have been known to smell my fingers while I shopping after picking up a bunch to put in my cart. I don't know if I can say it is my "ALL TIME FAVORITE" I think mine would have to be fresh baked cookies or lavender or roses or a fresh brewed cuppa or... I can't make up my mind.

What a fun post! Have a great evening.

Dee said...

I like the smell of coffee.

Tanya said...

I'm the same way with fresh Basil!