Saturday, October 30, 2010

Squeaking Through

Yesterday was the school Fall party.  I had 15 enthusiastic, loud, excited, out-of-their-minds students.  AND I had no voice. I lost my voice...literally. Can you imagine trying to control a classroom FULL of students/parents stuffing themselves with more sugary treats than I can begin to describe?  That was exhausting! I was so glad when 3:00 came! Then my husband and I left to go to a visitation for a funeral he was going to be the speaker at.  Once again, a true struggle to try to communicate and give condolences. I nodded. I smiled. I hugged.
Today, we went to visit mom. We giggled because as I whispered to talk to her, she whispered back. Then I had to take Darb to an eye appt and do grocery shopping at Walmart.  Survived trying to communicate to the eye doctor/receptionist about insurance and thought I was home free just getting my groceries and heading home. OH NO! I have to pick the aisle that has the most talkative, jovial, happy cashier. I tried nodding and smiling....didn't work...the questions kept coming...I squeaked....he kept talking...I whispered....he kept talking. I paid my bill and smiled. Darb and I didn't talk on the way home. Complete silence. She understood I was worn out!  
Tonight I am continuing being completely silent...blogging allows that. My family is watching TV and carrying on the biggest conversation and having the most fun talking.... and I sit silent. They are probably very happy! My husband is happy! It is the strangest thing to not have a voice.  I'm not even squeaking anymore...nothing is coming out. I've decided that I didn't realize how much a person says in a day, until you really can't. But I'm enjoying reading your blogs tonight and sitting cozily by the fire drinking my coffee.


Happy@Home said...

Sitting by the fire with your coffee as you do a bit of blogging sounds like just the thing you need. I can't imagine trying to keep things under control at school with no voice. How frustrating.
That's so cute about your mom whispering back to you. I hope she is doing better now.
Hope it won't be long until you have a voice again.
After reading your comment about having trouble e-mailing me, I sent you an e-mail. I hope you received it as it occurred to me afterward that you might not have recognized that it was from me and thought it was spam :).
Happy Halloween.

Life In a Little House said...

Hope your feeling better now....reading blogs sitting by a fire drinking coffee Sounds FABULOUS ~Have a great week ~Love Heather