Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tale of a Peony Bush and a Tornado

This is an example of how my life goes...it is not a complaint...it is a fact....well...the story of our typical lives here on the homefront. This is how it goes for us most often. Here goes...(I'm documenting this for my grandkiddos someday....a video would have been better!)

Chapter 1:
Last Mother's Day 2009, my engaged daughter thought it would be nice to get Momma a $30 Peony plant and maybe, just maybe, it would have some lovely blooms to cut by June 2010 for her wedding. So we found an ideal place along the privacy fence nice and out of the way. We planted it and vowed to keep it watered and nurtured.

This was our inspiration and hope of what we would get!

Chapter 2:

Spring of 2010....Engaged daughter wanted the dog pen/dog shed moved from one spot to another to accomodate the wedding ceremony site. Sooooooooooo...Daddy, Z, Bride to Be, and Momma became the crew to move the shed. We don't do things normally and HIRE it done....oh no....we are do it yourself-ers So using a trailer and chains and logs and rocks and crow bars and a truck....away we go. At one point, the shed is "HANGING" off the trailer, Momma and L are locked in the shed for "weight distribution" (yea, thanks a lot for that one...we're not going to live that one down) and the trucks tires are spinning. By now the sun has set, it is raining, AND the only light is our headlights.

Chapter 3:

The shed lands in a spot along the privacy fence, the men call it good, and we quit for the night.

Chapter 4:
The Bride to Be and I decide a week later to find the peony bush to see if it survived the hard winter. Enter the scene from Wizard of OZ that goes from black and white to color ( I do live in Kansas). Dorothy and her house (the shed) have landed and it has landed right on the peony bush which was emerging nicely from that hard winter!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

You don't see me with my broom...but you can imagine!!

Chapter 5:

This is my re enactment of Dorothy's house landing on the Wicked Witch of the East... the socks represent the now flattened peony bush.

Curled up, shriveled up, dead as the witch.

Chapter 6:
I was determined to save my $30 Mother's Day Gift. I grabbed that shovel and off I went. I dug and pulled and ended up with a broken, mutilated "thing" with parts ripped off, a few roots and no blooms left on it. I stuck it in a pot with good dirt, put it in the sun, watered it, apologized to it and prayed for it. Believe it or not, it has new blooms coming!!

IF (and I mean IF) this thing EVER becomes more than what you see, I will do a "happy dance". I will post the lovely blooms for all to see.

I think there might be a lesson in this...I'm not sure what it is yet. I say to my husband quite often, "Are we the only people who do things like this?" He always tries to calm me with something like, "No, everyone does it like this." (The jury is still out on that one!)

"There's no place like home!!"

Prayer Request:

Please put my nephew in your prayers....
Drake is just 10 years old and had an appendectomy on Monday after a long month of healing from the infection that was found. He has already spent a week in the hospital to drain all the infection and then just went in to have it removed. He is at home now recuperating. He is quite a little trooper and such a creative little guy. He can make anything you want as long as he can hook a motor on it! Get well soon buddy...Auntie T loves you!


Haley said...

Your documented pictures is so funny! && soo you!!

Story of our lives is right momma! I say that a lot around here and no one else gets it! But I do. Saying prayers for you one bush thing and of course Draker! xoxo

GardenofDaisies said...

I bet if you get that peony back in the ground and give it some time for it's roots to grow healthy again, it will bloom next year. (But probably not this year.) We had so many gorgeous pink peonies at our first house, and somehow never ended up with any here! I need to fix that situation! (I need a bigger yard to get in all the plants I want!) I love the witch socks by the way!

Lacey said...

Well this post just screams Bridezilla.

In a round about way, I guess that I am the WW of the West that brought doom to that poor peony bush.

For the record, it wouldn't have bloomed for the wedding but rather Mother's Day each year to remind you of your precious bridezilla, er, I mean precious babies.

Gardener Guy and I are gearing up to tackle the Chapel Garden this weekend!

PBKISSES said...

Hey there! I hadn't heard this one - I'm cracking up, er I mean, I'm SO Sorry! If its any consolation, I have a brick stoop where my hyacinths used to be!
Love ya!

jamjar said...

Where to begin? First, it's hard to type with tears in my eyes...I'll let you figure out if they are tears of laughter or remorse. I'm sorry that you got these maddening traits along with the wedding vows. Second, the lesson might be to bloom where you are planted and if a house lands on you, crawl out from under it and start over some place else. Or maybe the lesson is...Don't ever plan on having something nice and you'll never be disappointed! chuckle-giggle-chortle!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Great book! I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you. That is so something that would happen to me! I love peonies and I bet if you get that right back in the ground give it a little TLC it will mend this year and maybe even produce some lovely flowers for you next year! Have a great week end!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

PS...will be praying for your nephew. Hope he feels better soon.

Dee said...

So funny...I bet that will be the strongest and prettiest bush ever. Poor little Drake, he sure had been through a lot. Glad he is home. I will pay forhis continued recovery.

seethebeauty said...

oh I hope it blooms just in time for the wedding!! how beautiful would that be! :)