Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Little L and Happy Easter to All

I hope your Easter was very special and that Jesus was the guest of honor on this Lord's Day.

What a great, fun, busy, warm, grateful weekend it was!! My college girls (and a fiance and a beau) came home...I had all my babies home! :)
#1 the laundry room filled immediately
#2 the house got louder
#3 we stayed up too late
#4 we had a blast at a family Easter Egg Hunt
#5 we worshipped God, celebrated the Lord's Supper, remembered Christ's ressurection on Sunday
#6 we worked on wedding invitations
#7 we celebrated L's 22nd birthday (last one as a single woman!)
#8 had to send my girls (and a finance and a beau) back to college :( I can't seem to get used to them driving down the driveway and not crying....I actually hate it.
#9 counted my blessings
#10 decided I'm tired and that I'm not thrilled that tomorrow is MONDAY...ughhhhhh
#11 counted my blessings!!

My second born came on April 4, 1988 (4-4-88...she loves that!) at 3:38 a.m.....the cord was around her neck and so she was delivered EXTREMELY fast. She was beautiful and had the prettiest complexion...despite what she says, her 21 month old BIG brother LOVED her immediately...he had someone to boss around and fetch all his needed toys and tools for him. Her Daddy and Mommy fell in love with her and her Daddy was pretty excited to have a little girl to spoil. Little did Mommy know THEY would become BFF's and think, act and joke alike. She came on the morning of the night that KU won the Final Four championship....I lost both my doctor and husband to the game on TV and so I settled in to ooohhhhhing and aaaahhhhing at my newborn by myself. She was a joy to us 22 years ago and has continued that as well as continues to be a BF to me now. She has fallen in love and will "leave her childhood home" soon to start a new home and family. I hope she has a little girl someday so she will understand the joy that she has brought her Daddy and I. ( AND I hope she's a little strawberry blond cutie pie!)

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday sweet Sissy Jo, Happy Birthday to you... We had the pleasure of having fiance Gardener Guy's family come for dinner, laughs and games!!! Cutie nephew S-man, Daddy, Daddy in law, fiance curious as to whether she can blow out 22 candles...accomplished with the help of S-man!!!!!!!

Lots of eggs were filled and lots of eggs were found and lots of chocolate was ate :)

Chicks came to the Egg Hunt and peeped their little hearts out.... D just loved them!

H and her beau (Texas Man)....we think he's a good guy!!

Oh my babies... Chic Chick, Baby Lisa, HayBee, and Z ( Easter morning...I'm sure you can imagine the shouts of joy when I asked for a Kodak moment!)

I'm going to dig in my archives and find when these babies WERE babies !


Haley said...

Happy Birthday Seester! Did you make it through typing that without crying!?! I doubt it but ya never know! It was a GREAT weekend You and dad made some good looking kids :) Email me pictures please!

Lacey said...

Thank you for the blog! :)

You forgot to add into the story Daddy asking if I would be "mentally retarded". Hopefully my degree will settle any lingering doubts.

I'll see you on Friday!

jamjar said...

Everything that happens in Ozland sounds like fun. We had a quiet day and worked in yard since Johnny Mike was at his in-laws! The Doc and I and the pups got quite a bit done but not as much fun was had!

GardenofDaisies said...

Our two college kids were home for the weekend too. Laundry galore!! We washed 10 loads this weekend! And I know how you feel when it's time to send them back. I wave until the go around the corner and I can't see them anymore. I feel sad for a while and then I remind myself that they are having a great time at school and I start to feel happier.