Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Coral Colored Wedding

Sissy Jo is busy busy busy planning her wedding and time is getting close. I guess I better make a countdown!! Their colors are coral and pinks and since it is going to be in the back's a garden theme wedding which means lots of flowers. Check out her blog here and you can get all the details. I was at Wally World and I love to buy "CLEARANCE" flowers just to have them around the house to brighten it up. Today I saw these CORAL colored roses for $5 ... can you believe that?? I think Miss L is going to have a lovely colored wedding. Did I mention we have ordered the flowers on line and WE (that's daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmas ~ HINT HINT ~ I know you are out there!) are going to make the bouquets, corsages, etc... Plus Auntie J's hometown awesome flower market is getting their tents up for all their spring/summer flower needs. This is one great place to visit!!! May have to rent a trailer to get some "bargain" beauties!!!

So here's to you Sissy Jo!!!

I'm all about a bargain...I tell whoever will listen about my bargains. (I think I may have passed that "bargain thrill" on to my daughters...oops! ) Over Easter I got my bargain clock for my fireplace and my bargain curtains at JC Penneys. (Thanks HayBee for listening to Momma rave and rave about them!)

It's rainy, dreary, and cold here today. I had a feeling of fall today and I am not ready for that for about 7 or 8 months!. We threw down some more grass seed last night hoping for the rain, and God blessed us last night. I love rain....I love the pitter patter on my skylight. I don't like hail, I don't like loud thunder or lightning, but I love a soft rain. The sun will be back soon! God knows our needs and provides.


Lacey said...

The flowers and your fire place hearth look awesome! I hope that the curtains will help insulate tonight, it's supposed to be cold here!

I'm up for a trip to S-town anytime! :)

Haley said...

I'll listen to you rave and rave anytime you want... that 8% off really did make the world of difference.. And I am thinking the bouquets making will be more my style then the invites... just sayin!


GardenofDaisies said...

Those roses are such a pretty shade of coral! I bet the wedding is going to be beautiful! You will have to post lots of pictures so we can all see!!