Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Harley has to be one of the most fun loving, happy go lucky puppies I've ever met! When Z brought this little girl home, I wanted to be mad at him, but I knew, he knew, everyone knew that Momma would love her. I have a weak spot with puppies....but puppies become dogs and then someday those dogs have to get sick and well...die....and then I don't do so good. Really bad actually when that happens....really sad...heart broken. We have a "animal cemetery" on our property and Papa and I keep saying that we can't take any more "animal funerals."
Well, Harley came anyway, and we bonded. I'm her #1 fan and she loves me dearly. Dogs are like that...they love you unconditionally...they are always happy to see you....they don't hold grudges even if you neglect them a day...they are grateful for any attention....they listen and don't talk back. Why can't people be like that? Hummmmmm.... Nothing makes Harley happier than when I get home from work and let her out of her pen to run like a crazy dog around and around in huge circles. And this dog is so obedient and minds so good. Z has trained her well...she's a bird dog so she was trained young. I'm very thankful for her .... She and I have a lot of good talks. She lets me vent when I need to and can really make me have a "feel good" day.

How can you not love this little face?
She looked at me with these eyes when she came to see if she could live here and I couldn't turn her away.

These are now the eyes that look at me everyday when I say, "Sit" "Stay" "Fetch" or "What should I fix for supper?" "Your breath is horrendous."

Unconditional pure love....that's what she gives me!!!

I love you Harley and thanks !!!!! :)


jamjar said...

Love that tongue. Isn't it amazing how they steal our hearts? Even when they're bad they're good!
Coming to Ozland next Wed. See ya then!

GardenofDaisies said...

Awwww. What a sweet dog!! How cute she was when she was a puppy!! There is no way you could have said no to that face!

Barbara said...

Such a precious dog, we love our animals too, our little Zoie Michelle is like a child, and yes that unconditional love. Love your blog oh I love that Apron you made for Carrie, wonderful, where did you get that material, I would love one, being the chicken lady here in Georgia, giggles, Hugs and be blessed, Barbara

Dee said...

Tanya, I came over to say hello from Barbara's blog and fell in love with your puppy dog. I could not have resisted Harley either. You have a very nice blog...and a lovely family. I hope you do not mind having another friend. :) Dee

Aliene said...

I came over from Barbara's blog. I lookedit over some and will be back. Check out my give-a-way on my blog. Have a goodday.

Haley said...

Oh Charley is a good friend to you momma! I love seeing her little stubby wagging tail when I come home!