Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Bad....

How could these two precious looking kitty cats be listed on the "BAD" list? Well they are not on MY bad list...just the list of the two males in our family. The decree went out "NO cats get to visit inside ever again!" Quick story: Olive Boo , the black kitty, was rescued as a newborn from a cornfield by little Miss D and she nursed her back to health from near death.

They became best friends and bonded.

We (Mom and D) couldn't bear the thought of sending her out into the big wide world again where she had lived alone with no mommy, no food, no water, no love. So we procrastinated having to wean her to live outside. It didn't help that the other kitty, Roxie, literally hated her guts, and the only thing that kept Ollie alive with Roxie stalking her was a glass door.

Enter: Next picture:

This is the straw that broke the camel's back. The male third of the family dropped the "GET OUT" bomb when a chair became the scratching post. Not a happy time in the household! So Poor Ollie went to meet the challenge of her life....Roxie and the World. She lived under the deck for weeks..alone and lonely. Roxie made it known that this was her domain and don't mess with her. And so now the two co exist...they don't curl up together and purr but I (The Loving Mother) have insisted they get along. They share a bedroom (the garage), they eat together, and they can be together on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.

She's still not on MY bad list, but it is a little calmer around here!!


PBKISSES said...

Ha! How funny and fun. I'm thinkin the "ugly" could be that bird in your front window a few years ago. If he didn't start out ugly, he certainly ended that way. C'mon tell the story, tell it! PLEEASE? Didn't get to chat much at church today-Have a wonderful week!!!
PB Kisses

jamjar said...

I love all your new posted pix! Now you can imagine how bad i felt when we brought Spicer into Maggie's life. Poor Maggie was almost suicidal and positively despondent but now they are actually together for whole minutes without fighting it out. In my case the bad was me...the bad mommy!

Lacey said...

Kisses Mommy- are you referring to that poor yucky bird? :) Aunt Tan Yucky Bird

Here's to hoping I don't make the Ugly list!