Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie J

Today is Auntie J's birthday .... (She's over 20 and under 80!) YIPPEE! and she's as vibrant and alive as they come....AND she's getting a bike for her birthday....She and Doc are going to just speed all over town and country....drat...she just took up another hobby....I'll never catch up with that woman!!!

So here's to you !!! God really smiled after he created you!! Thanks for always being there for me!! You are special to a lot of people and the best thing about you is that NO ONE comes close to being you!! I'm glad you're my friend and my sister in law!!! I lucked out getting you as part of the deal with hitching up with "Ron".


GardenofDaisies said...

Aw... so nice when in-laws are truly friends!!

PBKISSES said...

Can this sister second all the motions above?? Auntie J is an inspiration to us all! And leave it to TK to be the one THOUGHTFUL enough to make sure she knows it! Love you both,

jamjar said...

You are too, too kind. If you don't stop all the blarney I'm going to have to come to Ozland and give you what-for! "Why, I aught ta...!"
Seriously, thank you so much for my b-day present! I'd like to tell people that you are my oldest friend but that doesn't sound so nice so instead I say my sister-in-law that I've known since we were kids, is one very special friend!!!!love and kisses...jamjar

Lacey said...

I am also thankful for your wonderful sister-in-laws and the memories of listening in on many conversations over coffee!

Also, I LOVE the pic from Sonita Maria's wedding!