Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today there was a blue sky and it was simply M A R V E L O U S and I am so thankful for that! It did my heart, body, and soul good. L, D, and I planned to work outside and clean some gardens and spray paint some "stuff" for L's wedding. It was so nice to not wear a coat and gloves! We raked, pulled weeds, bagged leaves, and found lots of cute little green shoots trying to poke up out of that ground. My poor out of shape body has not worked that hard in months...I'm sure I'll feel it later. The sunshine was so nice and I know one thing about myself...I do better with a good dose of Vitamin D from the sun. That vitamin in pill form is not cutting it.

Could it possibly be true that the rains and even snow might come back?

Do you recall the UGLY? (Read back a few blogs!) Well, I'm happy to say that the UGLY is now the "Less Ugly".

We raked and pulled and raked and pulled and it is better....not great...better! :) Stay might get even better!

Auntie J and Johnny Mike were here yesterday to work on L's invites! They are bee u tee ful!! She is such an artist and so creative. When I get the okay, I'll show them. When I grow up, I want to be her....I mean it! I love that woman! She draws, she cooks, she knits, she plays the guitars, she reads, she plays the piano, she decorates, she cans, she gardens....and she does it all with no effort! She is a blast to be around!!

I think we had been in these clothes for 3 days on our Colorado Wilderness Family Camping trip!!

I read a great blog about being an encourager when you can. There are days when things are great and everything is going well. Those are the days we need to remember to help those in need. Then there are those days when putting one foot in front of the other is a chore, or just getting out of bed is an accomplishment, or everytime you turn around bad news or sad news or difficult times emerge.....those are the times when an "encourager" would be a welcome sight or sound. I'm going to work on that....I really needed that cattle prod today. I had a great day...I had a happy day....I had a blessed day......and so what do I need to do? I believe God would want me to be an "encourager" and to remember others. At church the little kids are taught a song "JOY" (Jesus first, Yourself last and Others in between). What a great lesson! My momma has been diagnosed with Alzheimers ... She has a lot of hard days now. She lost her brother to this disease and her sister also has been diagnosed with it.

Mom, H, and Dad

I have to be a better encourager. I'm so grateful for all my encouragers...God is so good.


Lacey said...

The wedding garden is much less ugly! I have faith in your gardening abilities!

Blogging, the process of reading, reflecting, and writing, has been a great way for us to encourage :)

jamjar said...

You are my encouragement...You are such an example to me...And before I grow old I hope I can be even half as encouraging and nice as you are! Such a tribute it's hard to believe you are talking about me since when I look at all you accomplish I feel like a slacker. And I agree "L" keeping up thru the blog is a great encouragement for me!

Tanya said...

I'm commenting at my own blog...weird....but Auntie made me put my finger under my nose and it didn't work....

PBKISSES said...

I second all the comments above. YOU are SUCH an encouragement to us all. You never cease to amaze me by how interested you are in just listening to other people. Few people have this quality. I know, for myself, I have taken advantage of this trait of yours on many occasions. Keep up the good work! And lets all hang in there, this CRAZY WEATHER is NOT an ENCOURAGEMENT!!!! Snow on Spring Break??? Can u believe it??