Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good---

I woke this a.m. early and heard the birds singing! Oh how wonderful! I imagined in my mind a pretty bird such as this sitting on my deck serenading me and trying to say "I'm home..I'm home..I found my way back!" It was so ... so.... well GOOD! What a uplifting way to start the day...ooohhhh that all over warm feeling....don't you just love those? Then reality set in and up on my feet I went and away with the day it was. But for those few precious minutes....a bird and I had a moment together and it was GOOD.

The Bad???? The Ugly???? Those sequels to come!! :)

PS...Lace is amazed at how long I type on this thing but how little shows up on the screen....If she is not careful, she may end up on the Bad AND the UGLY sequel.


Lacey said...

The birds were singing! Or maybe it was the cats scratching the backdoor wanting Grammy to bring their milk.
Either way, spring is almost here and dad's grass is turning green! Yippee!

Lacey said...

That's what you call speaking too soon!

jamjar said...

I laugh out loud 'cause I can really relate. Mike can't believe the questions I ask like "how do I get this not be blue and underlined?" or "how do I make this smaller/larger/?" Sorry your day wasn't all good.