Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Happy Birthday to You!!!!
Auntie TK loves you!!

Today is my niece's 2nd birthday and she is one doll baby. As petite AND sweet as they come. She is a fighter and has gone through a lot in her 730 days here on this Earth. And cute as a button. She never walks in a room with out blowing a kiss....She melts my heart!!! So here's to Baby B....a little princess!

As you can's hard for me to get my hands on her....someone is always stealing her from me!!!


PBKISSES said...

How sweet! Thank you! She loves to be spoiled by you and yours! She's blowing you a cyber PBKISS right now!

jamjar said...

Happy B-day little baby B-B! Such a doll and defying all odds she continues to amaze and beguile us all! Aunt Jammie can't hold this little one enough either. There must be a way we can get some hands time on the B-day girl!

Haley said...

Happy Birthday BABY!! Oh I CANNOT wait to get home and smooch all over her, spiderman, ReedyBob, Draker, and Nannie! Loves of my life!!

Lacey said...

More pictures of this doll baby to come in a tutu!

Ooohhh to you Baby B!

GardenofDaisies said...

She looks like a real sweetie pie!