Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring 2010??

Mow green grass one day.....shovel white blanket the next!!
Spring is in the air....NO WAIT...snow is in the air!! What in the world happened overnight? Yesterday everyone is out working in their yards, mowing, enjoying the sun, shucking sweatshirts by afternoon, etc. and then BOOM...we are pulling out the snowboots and gloves and coats and clearing the cars off. Now poor R...he thought it was still spring and/or missed the forecast and left his truck window down ~ therefore had literally a snowdrift in his truck!

Maybe it's all a bad dream?

No, it's not a grilling out tonight!!

Those cute little green shoots that L , D, and I had worked so hard to find buried beneath the leaves and mess are now froze to death. Good Grief Charlie Brown! Auntie J had posted pictures of her beautiful crocus and now they no longer sad! D and I felt so sorry for the birds today...they were flying around like they didn't know where to go or what to do....We decided that they were saying "Man, that was the shortest spring/summer EVER! Guess it's time to head south again!"

D and I were remembering last year's first day of Spring.....I don't recall snow!!

I'm not giving up ... I'm going to finish doing the things inside I need to get done. Then hopefully as quick as this whiteness will be gone again to be replaced by that green again.

Merry Spring to all and to all a good night.


jamjar said...

I had to laugh and so had to fill Johnny Mike in on the truck snowdrift joke! I guess you've learned a good lesson...don't stay in Kansas over spring break!
Aunt J

GardenofDaisies said...

Isn't this crazy? And thousands of kids will be driving back to college in this snowy mess tomorrow.

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I am with you. I had a poor crane on the pond~I felt so sorry for her.

I would be honored to get one of your aprons.
I make necklaces and I paint. My sewing is not so great.
I will send you a necklace ~we could barter! TeHe
Carrie Shindorf
18939 St.Rt W
Cosby, Mo 64436

Have a great Lord's Day~

PBKISSES said...

Oh My, we have had an EVENTFUL "Spring" (yeah)Break-have we not??? If it wasn't so cotton pickin pretty, I could really be bitter:)! Maybe we should take up cross country skiing, you know, build up some upper body strength for all that wedding gardening that IS just right around the corner. Love you and love your Thankful Thursday Edition!