Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ugly

Okay go ahead and say it....U G L Y!!! This my dear people is the site of my Marcia Brady's and my soon to be soninlaw's wedding!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH ... HELP!! Deep breathing....I'm not going to panic...YET! Good ole Daddy spent yesterday evening sowing more seed and fertilizer and tonight the rains have come. That's a plus! My soninlaw to be is a Landscape Designer. That's a bigger plus! and God provides. That is the ultimate plus. Sooooooo everything will be fine. I have gathered some pictures to inspire and give me hope!!

It doesn't hurt to dream...does it????????


Lacey said...

Oh sweet marmalade that is one ugly garden! Is it too late to elope?

Be still. We will have therapy next week!

PBKISSES said...

I have complete confidence that you will make it BEAUTIFUL!!! You have a few months yet, things always look greener when they're...well...greener.

Love and PB Kisses to you!

jamjar said...

The coffee is brewing and I'm already chuckling! The deep breathing helps as does denial. It will be a glorious backdrop of fragrant blossoms by the time Stacey takes the aisle! How do I know? Cause God is ever faithful and the ultimate "Father of the Bride"--Ron--!Gotta ya!