Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Snow Day....Yippee!

 Cozy night at home last night...settled in with a fire and watched a football game and watched the snow. And someone (hairy, spoiled, who walks on 4 legs) got to come inside for the night. But she is NOT allowed on my furniture! So what does Lace do...curls up with her on my afghan!

 Not funny Lace!!

 Outside this morning...pretty blue skies....but cold cold cold!!!!
 Deer tracks came right up to the house....must have been nibbling on my bushes. Last night when Blake and Lace walked home they said a little mouse was trying to run through the snow...can't you just see it...trying to run across the top but sinking down into the inches of it all! Poor thing!
 Although it is very very cold and snowy out....Spring is on it's way...and beneath all that white stuff there are roots surviving and ready to let some new shoots burst above the ground soon. Doesn't that thought just get your blood pumping thinking about new growth, beautiful colors, mowing the grass? Okay....I'll stop....back to WHITE reality out there.

This week, I got this in the mail and I got a little excited thinking about brown rich dirt to till and dig in and plant in!

 Fresh fruit anyone? How about sittin' outside with a juicy watermelon slice....spittin' seeds!
 Or some really yummy smellin' herbs! Aaaahhhh...cilantro! I'm dreaming about you! I won't have to stand in the aisle at the grocery store and smell it and have people stare at me....and my daughters say, "Mom, stop it!"  Or what about some ruby red radishes!!

How about some ripe, green, crisp vegetables! Freshly snapped green beans, onions, and new potatoes boiling in a pot for supper?
I think I'll start planning my garden and draw it out and make it look fancy smancy on paper.  It won't end up looking like that but isn't "planning" half the fun? So as pretty as the white fluffy stuff is out there, I still think about the green stuff ever so often!

Is Spring and Gardening creeping into your mind yet?


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Yes~ I am loving another snow day.
I enjoyed seeing all your pictures. My Brian had to go in yesterday and today~no fair.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your snow day. The cold might get you one more day~maybe.

Dee said...

I think it must be snowing every where today. Like you...spring planning is the main topic on most of the blogs I have visited today. Stay warm and cozy. Dee

Life In a Little House said...

Oh enjoy your snowy days...looking at seed catalogs is a wonderful way to daydream about sunshine ~I am going to plant tons and tons of lavender right next to the house. Stay warm Love Heather

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I do look forward to getting my garden started, although I have lots of cilantro growing right outside my front door :-) Our little day of snow didn't seem to hurt it. We just love it too.
In answer to your question about the fabric, I picked up a 4 piece receiving blanket set at Wal-Mart. They did a better job of matching the fabric than I could :-)I cut up two of the blankets to use for burp cloths and bibs and used the other two as they were, as part of the gifts. Thanks so much for your sweet comments.
P.S. I'm having a CSN giveaway on my blog, in case you'd like to enter.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I forgot to say...thank you so much for adding by blog button!

Haley said...

Mom, nothing about that mouse sounded cute but that Harley girl is sure cute!!! Your weather is coming momma, you just hold tight!!!