Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day!!'s another snow day! Snow started on Wednesday about 1:30 p.m. and snowed through the night. We got the call last night and I did my "Snow Day" dance! So what does a person do with a free day off? Well, laundry, dishes, pay bills, bake, cook....for starters! January is flying by thanks to Snow Days! January is usually my toughest month Mentally! But good's getting close to February! I really enjoy reading blogs where bloggers are having sunshiney warm weather. It gets me thinking about Spring!

Income Tax Time is upon us and it's time to dig out all the paperwork and begin the process of filling in the numbers. Are you ready to tackle it?


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Have a great day back to school.
I know January is so long~ those snow days make it better!
Your trip will be here soon!

I am off to Miss Billies.

Life In a Little House said...

Another snow storm oh dear....and brrrr....I am cold just reading about it!! Boy your gonna be ready for that trip when it comes I can just see you running to the ship hehehehe ~Stay warm have a wonderful weekend ~Love Heather

Happy@Home said...

Hi Tanya,
I hope you enjoyed your snow day, although it sounds like you had lots of jobs to keep you busy.
I just read your previous post about your upcoming cruise. Wow!! What a fun thing to look forward to. We've been on 2 and found them to be so fun and the food is unbelievable.
Have a great weekend.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Wish we were having a snow day....I am home with the flu....and the thought of tax season makes me sicker

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We were audited the past two years in a row (we had to prove our kids were indeed, our kids...twice)! I wrote about it on my blog. A bit nerve wracking to say the least :-) I bet all the snow is beautiful.
Enjoy your weekend!

Gmama Jane said...

I'm a retired educator and My husband is on his last year as a High School College & Career Guidance Counselor SO...I have done a few *snow day* dances in my life as well!! I grew up in WV and had LOTS of snow growing up but I married a southern boy and have lived in the deep south for 34 yrs. Snow Days are a Precious Commodity around these parts. This year we are having more snow so my grandchildren are enjoying quite a few snow days. My family always had so much fun on a snow day and didn't waste the day whining about having to make it up in May...I figure we aren't promised tomorrow so enjoy Today!!
I hope you had a fun day and will be ready to go back to your precious 3rd graders. My oldest Grandson, Ryan is in 3rd grade...a very difficult transition year don't you agree?
Your children are so lovely! Family is everything, hang on tight!

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