Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Kansas!

Kansas is 150 years old today...they call that a Sesquicentennial !  We had our annual 3rd grade parade of floats at school on's a big 3rd graders that is! :0)

 Friday was a beautiful day here in eastern Kansas...after a lot of snow and very cold temps, we hit the 50 degrees today. It was wonderful and almost... almost made you think it was spring! We took Grandma out for a ride in the wheelchair and she loved it. We all did actually! 
 And then tonight we were driving home from Darb's basketball tourney and Haley snapped the prettiest sunset. (Ignore the dates on pictures!)

And then we got home and Lace called....I have a "GrandPuppy" ! I'm so excited! Lace is a little... uh... ummmmm... uh... ummmmm... IMPULSIVE shall we say.  This puppy was on it's way to be euthanized....and she couldn't bear it. This is what she is telling me so of course I can't bear it either. (I wonder if she is embellishing?) Well, I met Phoebe and she is so cute. She bites, chews, growls, barks, and tinkles on the floor. She is part black lab and part schnazer. Didn't I just write in a post a few days ago (Monday, January 24th to be exact) about the kids bringing home animals? Oh well, this one has to live at THEIR house. I'll just puppysit! Pictures to come soon! 

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