Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad....

Today is my parent's wedding day. They would have been married 56 years today.  My dad passed away 6 months ago. My mom is 74 and  suffering from the disease of Alzheimers. They spent 55 years together living on the same corner of 6th and Lincoln.
My mom grew up a true hardworking farm girl. She and her siblings rode their horses to school and mom would turn him around, slap him on his behind and he would head for home where my grandma would be waiting at the gate. 
My dad's mom passed away during childbirth with him. His dad and his uncle raised him in a house on that corner with a bait shop for their income. My parents met at a skating rink and my mom was 19 when they wed. When my parents married, my mom moved in and my parents cared for my dad's dad and uncle until they both passed away. I remember that house and my grandpa and great uncle and how little they had or wanted. When I was 10, my parents tore down the house and the bait shop and we built a new house on that corner.

I'm thinking of them today. I'm remembering all the happy, all the good, and the commitment of vows, "in good times and in bad....till death due us part". 


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a sweet tribute....Have a great week

Happy@Home said...

This is indeed a sweet tribute to your parents, Tanya. I especially loved the part about your mom riding her horse to school. How cute is that?
You obviously learned well from them in taking care of family members when the need arises. I think of your mom (& you) often and hope she is doing better.

Patty Sumner said...

What a wonderful heritage and wonderful memories. Happy thoughts to you today as you look back on the wonderful life they had together. Blessings and may your day be bright!

Lacey said...

Love this one. :)

My first date with Gardener Guy was on their anniversary, 6 years yesterday.

Linda Stubbs said...

Tanya...........what a precious post! Love your Momma and Daddy and I don't even know them. What a gift they gave you! Loved reading your heritage. You are a rich lady! No wonder I love you so much sweet friend!

Hugs, Me