Monday, January 31, 2011

This and That

School is out Tuesday...the storm is on it's way...the weathermen say! The amount of snow and ice remains to be seen! There is a huge range of possibilities of what is to come! And what can you do? Dig out the shovels ! It also means settle in and make a list of things "To Do". I stocked up on the eggs, milk, and bread, I have laundry to do, I have bathrooms to clean, I have income tax info to get ready.


Tonight I made a great can find the recipe on Linda's blog at Prairie Flower Farm. It's called Cinnamon Apple Pecan Crumb Bar. It was so easy and so good.

Tomorrow is February 1 and I'm so happy about that. The snowmen will now be packed up and it's time to bring out the pink and red for Valentine's Day! February gets me thinking Spring and I know it's not. We have a huge storm coming but my mind always transfers to Springy hopes when February comes.

I've also told myself that come February 1, I need to think about some exercise. I go to the Y but haven't been as consistent as I need to be. My fam is all talking about getting in shape, losing some winter pounds, a new diet, cutting out this or that, having to put on a swimsuit for the cruise. My girls are looking at swimsuits to buy and about getting a spray tan. My husband's saying is "tanned fat is better than white fat". Thank you very much dear!

Well, it's bedtime now...past my bedtime actually....but that's okay....I get to sleep in! YIPPEE!
Can't wait to hear how the storm treats your neck of the woods! Stay warm!


Happy@Home said...

I hope the storm isn't too harsh in your area. Just enough to enjoy your snow day and also enjoy those apple bars which look yummy.

Life In a Little House said...

Oh I am going to do a little cutting back on the sweets but ugh I have just not been wanting to work out at all,I have gained a few pounds myself :O!! so I may need to try going for walks or something else to trick myself~ Dessert looks yummy and how funny my post today is also titled this and that .....well you know what they say great minds think alike ~Happy February hope you have a wonderful month ~Love Heather

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I so need to get back to exercise and have no energy.....I hope tomorrow is a snow day for our littles.....They are all spending the night