Monday, January 24, 2011

He Practiced What He Preached!

Jack LaLanne, the seemingly eternal master of health and fitness who first popularized the idea that Americans should work out and eat right to retain youthfulness and vigor, died Sunday. He was 96.

 I heard the news this morning when I was getting ready for school. Then when I got to school I was getting ready for the day and had my TV on and listened again as they spoke of him. I thought to myself, "Now that man really led a "healthy" life...good for him!" After school I went to visit my mom and we were watching the news and they were speaking of him again and they played a clip of him being interviewed. I was just about ready to head home and fix something to eat for my son and I (everyone else wouldn't be home till later). I was thinking of making some big ole' heaping, juicy, greasy burritos with some left over pumpkin cake smeared with whipped cream! As I standing up to kiss my mom goodbye, I heard Jack say in his quote something to the effect...."With Exercise as the king, nutrition as the've got a kingdom here to live in!" Oh brother....just what I needed to hear! I got in my cold car, crunched through the ice and went in to the YMCA and walked a few miles on the treadmill! Talk about a guilty conscience! Here's to you Jack!

A kingdom here on Earth of living good, living healthy, living by the Word, living FOR the Lord.
An even more awesome, perfect kingdom to come in Heaven WITH the Lord!

To live to be 96 is amazing to me! I don't know if I could or even want to... that's not up to me! That is all part of God's wonderful perfect plan! But I guess doing what you can to stay healthy in the present is a pretty good idea! I have Grandbabies to consider that I want to spoil one of these days!

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